CATWEAZLE Thu 26 Apr 2018

Sam Taplin MC Justine on door

(I missed first half)
Andrew Smith: Butchers crossing/This charming man (Smiths)
Laura Theis: (story) Love conquers all/(song) Masochistic time machine
Matt Pocock:
Patti Dale (songs) & Nigel Brown (guitar): Tecumseh valley (Townes Van Zandt)/High shelf booze (Eilen Jewell)
Sam (poem):
Rory Skyster (songs):
Poppy Smallwood (guitar songs):
James Bell: Heart and soul (Hoagy Carmichael & Frank Loesser)/Hey Jude (Paul McCartney)
May Tumi (piano songs): Somebody sometimes/She dances to the rhythm of the moon
Simon (santoor):
Mandy (songs) & Nigel Brown (guitar): Petals like snow/The runaway train
Rick Wade (piano song): You'll be out in twenty years
Francesca (piano songs): rose might smell as sweet/you said you (only words I could catch)
Rosie Caldecott (guitar song): Find me underground
Rip Bulkeley (poems): Minimising disruption (Nick Moss)/Storytime (Andrew Dixon)
May (piano song) & Hester & Poppy (song): Girl talk (Neal Hefti & Bobby Troup slightly feminised version)

Created by Ed Pope on April 27, 2018, 1:17 p.m.
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