CATWEAZLE Thu 12 Jul 2018

Faceometer MC Justine on door

Merlin (guitar song): Come back to me my soul
Jack (harmonica): tune/tune in D minor
Josephine (piano song): Like five years ago (Mike Maltese)
Patti Dale (songs): Since I fell for you (Buddy Johnson)/Sadie's singing low
Ashante (poems): Never fuck you sober/Silence
George (poems): I can't get angry/Pen and ink
Chris Woods (poems): The pretty witty girls in the office/The great king dies
Ed Pope (poem): The pobble who has no toes (Edward Lear)
(Faceometer- Pelican G)
Rosie Caldecott (guitar songs): Inside out/Underground
Dan McCain (guitar songs): All I know/You'll find peace someday
Eleanor (poem): Attic
Rosie (guitar songs): Where are you?/I am dust on your shoe
Alan Buckley (poems from Oxford Spires anthology): The Doves of Damascus/Homesick/To the Taliban
Faceometer (guitar songs): Sad songs for happy occasions (with Rosie Caldecott singing)/Small adventures
Paul (poems): Welcombe show/Suffragette limerick
Raymond Burke (guitar songs): Permission to beat it/Fuck you

Created by Ed Pope on July 18, 2018, 6:27 p.m.
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