CATWEAZLE Thu 26 Jul 2018

Faceometer MC Justine on door

Rory Skyster (guitar songs): Forest/Swimming lessons
Jack: (song) Brigg fair/harmonica tune
Jack (poems): Oxford's going to miss you/Sublime and garage wine
Carl Tomlinson (poem): Hopkins' paper poplars
Hannah (guitar songs): Pushing a point/I can't make you love me (Bon Iver)
Alan Buckley (poems): Happily ever after/Exile's end (Micheal Donohue)
Patti Dale (songs): St Louis blues/Summertime (Gershwins)
Noel (piano) & Tibor (guitar): two tunes
Kate (guitar songs): Languages of love/Shine upon your footsteps
Ben Champion (piano songs): I know what you're thinking/Hotel dilemmas/ Password interrupted by Rocky with 5 little leaves/What's the point of poetry?
Kelly (poem): The way of the red road
Raymond Burke (guitar songs): Care you weep for/Time when you cannot cry
Phoebe Nicholson (poem): Atlas moth
Paul Jackson (guitar songs): Not what you deserve/Real eyes realise real lies
Faceometer (guitar with Kate percussion songs): Twilight pond/Hedgehog possible hidden magic
Rebecca (poems): When I say I miss you/Lashing out love/Front line love/Holding our own
Mandy Woods (guitar songs): Love in France 2018/Mother's love

Created by Ed Pope on Aug. 1, 2018, 9:38 p.m.
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