CATWEAZLE Thu 9 Aug 2018

Matt Sage MC Justine on door

Matt Sage (guitar songs): Moonlight mile (Mick Jagger)/To my darling daughter
Ed Pope (song): Yonghy bonghy bo (Edward Lear)
Rebecca (poems): The extra mile smile/As kingfishers catch fire (Gerald Manley Hopkins)/Sunburst
Raymond Burke (guitar songs): Care you weep for/Beguiled by someone else
Andrzej (guitar songs): Christus light of light/Jacob's stardio
Hannah (songs): The street where you live (Loewe/Lerner)/Summertime (Gershwins)
Owen Collins (poems): The old video/Loophole
Laura Theis: (poem) Cousin/(piano song) Hell must be a radio station
Matt Sage (guitar song): Dreaming 'bout my baby
Alan Buckley (poems): The writer (Richard Wilbur)/The typist (Olympia Simplex portable)
Kelly (poem): Stop the fucks
Josie Webber (cello with Matt Sage on guitar) Lifecycle tune/(cello song) Bird in the thyme (Tiny Ruins)/cello tune

Created by Ed Pope on Aug. 20, 2018, 9:15 p.m.
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