CATWEAZLE Thu 23 Aug 2018

Alan Buckley MC Bill Frizzell on door

Jack (harmonica songs): Tobacco road (John D Loudermilk)/Concrete
Pete Joshua (guitar songs): Sunny (Bobby Hebb)/Take these bones
Ben Jenkins (poems): Seeking the unseekable/British weather/Cheese & onion fact/Justice/Reported to miss/Dear old english pub
Raga Woods presenting the sheela-na-gig
Raymond Burke (guitar songs): I don't feel quite so lonesome now I'm on my own again/Keep on running
George (poems): The button/Lost voice/The perfectionist
Owen Collins (poems): Lay-by baby/Adopt a room/Hardwick park
Rees (guitar songs): That's all right (Arthur Crudup)/Broken elevator
Bill Frizzell (ukelele song): If you'd let me
Hugo (guitar songs): New mama (Neil Young)/Lizard life
Chris Woods (poems): Marriage break-up/Planning enforcement
Simon Batten:(piano song) Tell me/(guitar song) Ultramarine
Samantha Twigg-Johnson (cuatro songs): Sing as if you knew the tune/Live before you die

Created by Ed Pope on Aug. 30, 2018, 1:14 p.m.
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