CATWEAZLE Thu 9 Feb 2017

Alan Buckley MC Catherine on door

Rip Bulkeley: (poems) 2 Khartoum haiku/Beggar/Oxford (signed by Jane, published by here)
Harry: (piano songs) Impossible man/(It's all because) she came
Amy: (guitar song) Hindsight (open yourself up to all the things you are becoming)
Ashley: (poem/story) Loss (waters of Lethe)/I am the river (life & death)
Asheem: (guitar) in 7/8 time
Mark: (spoken then sung) Robert Burns' Ae Fond Kiss
Simon: (poems) Have you ever?/A little bit political
Patrick: (piano) Chopin Nocturnes, B flat, E minor
Alan Buckley: (poem) Space - for Andy & Nomi's twins
Naomi (piano song/guitar song) I thought of you as a howling ocean/These images of us too much for me
Marina: (poem in Italian then English) Pelle de coniglio (Rabbitskin)
Juan Carlos: (guitar song) Gracias a la vida (Violeta Parra)
Rip Bulkeley: (poem in Spanish then English) Sin Limitos
Henry Blyth: (piano impros) a solemn one/one with Andrew Freidin (flute)
Phoebe Nicholson:(poem) In the dark (falling for a scientist when you're depressed)

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