CATWEAZLE Thu 2 Feb 2017

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door

Matt Sage: (guitar songs) Don't let her go/Laudanum Girl
May: (piano songs) Hopeless Love (Do not take thy flight - William Wordsworth)/Unborn (I know that you will never understand)
Frija: (poems?) You lie in bed next to me/Daisy (baby on ferry island)
Frank: (mandolin song) Like a Toad - I've been waiting too long
George (standup) What's it like to be a sheep?/Bad books
Patrick: (piano) 2 Chopin Nocturnes
Bill Frizzell: (spoken) slogans from the Women's March
Luke Keegan: (guitar songs) Pack up and move to Paris/Where the lion slept
Groovy Su: (song) Matty Groves (traditional minus last verse)
E T: (story/poem) Pie shop ghost story/Love poem to Love
Ian Trinder: (guitar songs) Demons/Different Season
Henry Blyth: (piano) Ode to the broken soft pedal/impro in E flat minor
Simon: (poems) Don't just sit there/Hail to the shit-eaters
Max Brown: (guitar songs) Living with mum/Comfort blanket/Five bad things


Created by Ed Pope on Feb. 13, 2017, 1:15 p.m.
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