CATWEAZLE Thu 26 Jan 2017

Matt Sage MC Bill Frizzell on door

Patti Dale: (song) St Louis Blues (Billie Holliday)
Holly from Chesterfield: (songs?) How about now, we should run/My mamma told me
Simon Davies: (guitar songs) Community/Nurse your heart along
Lindsay Irish: (poems?) Slow dancing during the apocalypse/The poet/The black arts (Ann Sexton)
Will: (standup poem) I'm a modern man (George Carlin)
Ally: (poem?) Skinny Leicester 20 days roll on
Moogieman: (guitar songs) Just want to shoot you/Delta 3200 (at home in the dark)
Rosie Caldecott: (guitar songs) Let's unwind/Head between the pages of my diary
Pierre: (poems?) What?/Echo
Raymond Burke: (guitar songs) If I ever went back to someone I'd go back to you/I want to hide myself (Sunday Blues)
Callum & Louie: (fiddle, accordion, song) If all you young girls/ 3 tunes "ripped off from Spiers & Boden" last one Old Tom of Oxford
Ashley: (poem or story?) The redeverts (??)
Paul: (poems?) Do neoliberals have more fun/Getting
Marina: (poem?) The snake blues prayer
Ed Pope: (balalaika songs) Address to the woodlark (Robert Burns)/Be here now
Bill Frizzell: (ukelele song) White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane)
Alan Buckley: (poems) Mingus at the Showplace (William Matthews)/ Butterflies
Erin, Rob, Andrew Freidin: (poem-songs, percussion, piano, flute) trumpery masque of anarchy (apologies to Shelley)/I'll never know who nicked ny bike

Created by Ed Pope on Feb. 13, 2017, 1:53 p.m.
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