CATWEAZLE Thu 21 Feb 2019

Matt Sage MC Justine on door

Patti Dale: (poems) Courage/Tidal wave/(song) Since I feel for you (Buddy Johnson)
David & Patrick (two guitars songs): Crab city/Slip of the tongue
Laura (poem): All dressed up
Lee (guitar song): Snowflake blues
Hannah (poems): Rise snow/Tiredness/Blue/Love & waves
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Ryan Adams/Don't let the world go by
Kaya (spoken?) Auroleem? nobody's fool/Sonnet 12 (William Shakespeare)
Chris Floyd (guitar songs): Cast-off cigarette/I want to pray
Mandy (song): Why did you take my heart?
Lizzie (poems): Ode to insects/The masticator
Jack (harmonica song): Griselda
Rebekah (poems): Brill/Vision (John Hegley)
Hannah (poems): Radioactive/Donning white gloves
Max (piano): (Beethoven)
Graham (poems): Her rapid smile/Cradle my bones
Leah (story): Romanian psychopath
Alana: (piano song) Don't let me be misunderstood (Bennie Benjamin,Horace Ott & Sol Marcus)/House 0f the Rising Sun (trad)

Created by Ed Pope on March 6, 2019, 11:35 p.m.
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