CATWEAZLE Thu 21 Mar 2019

Matt Sage MC, Justine on door

Ed Pope (balalaika songs): Carey (Joni Mitchell)/Your fat salary James Bell (guitar songs): New mown hay (trad)/The sheepstealer (trad) Kaitlin (guitar song): People in Oxford I've met Raymond Burke (guitar songs): 13 out of 24/Beguiled John (poem): The day of knowledge Lola May (guitar songs): Cocaine Lil (trad)/I remember you Kevin of Loud Mountain (guitar songs): I could've spent another night with you/Hard road wanting you back Matt Sage (guitar songs): Darkness to my door/Go in peace (with Michael Holt) INTERVAL Rosie Caldecott (guitar songs): Underground/Tremors Andrew (guitar song): Dale's song (only you) Kerry (poems): Womb/Swans Michael (guitar song): ? Leia : Games of truth (from Foucault, History of Sexuality) Arthur (poems): Is it an act or in fact exact?/Tinnitus was my mate Abby; Autistic Michael Holt (rehumanise music tour piano & guitar songs): The wolf song/Love song for Cape Cod & cat/Brothers let's touch/If they could speak/Erniepie/I don't know you
Created by Ed Pope on March 31, 2019, 2:19 p.m.
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