CATWEAZLE Thu 18 Apr 2019

Sam Taplin MC Justine on door

Samm Lumm (guitar songs): Howl/Meaning of the ritual (Villagers) Patti Dale (songs): House of the rising sun (trad)/St Louis blues (W C Handy) Andrew Melling (guitar songs): Me first/Boot repair department Cath Brown (with Roland): Jemima Bottom & the booty pageant Jim Driscoll (guitar songs) & Josie Webber (cello): Bold recruit/Farewell to drinking (both from Alfred Williams collections) Moogieman (guitar song): Mr Curator Lee (guitar songs) & Liam (piano songs): Blown away/Give and take INTERVAL Sam Taplin (story in 3 parts): Squirrel & Badger Dale & Tom (guitar, mandolin & fiddle songs): Your voice keeps calling me home/You left something beautiful behind Pete (guitar): picking/song Ed Pope (balalaika songs): Sweet Mally (Robin Williamson)/Gay weddings Trev Williams (piano song): Crying in silence Raga Woods; Sheela-na-gig Raymond Burke (guitar songs): Never let me go/
Created by Ed Pope on April 25, 2019, 6:43 p.m.
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