CATWEAZLE Thu 2 May 2019

Matt Sage MC Justine on door

Connor -piano impro before start Matt Sage (guitar songs) Darkness to my door/Go in peace Jack; (song) Two fine legs/(harmonica blues impro) Mike from Derby (poem): You can keep your glamour because I'm a grammar slammer Lorna (guitar songs): The type/Golden glass Pippa Wainwright (poem): The Furies Vince; (guitar tune) Ed Pope (balalaika songs): Greenwood town/Outlaws (Matt Sage) INTERVAL Marelyn (guitar songs): True colours (Cyndi Lauper)/Fields of Gold (Sting) Darren from Derby (poems): Boogle's dream/Risiing from the levels Pikey from Japan (song): Fre fre Japan Bill Frizzell (poems): Trump protest slogans/You cannot help but turn your head to kiss me Matt Sage (guitar song): Don't let the world go by Patti Dale: (poem) What's it worth/Sadie's singing low
Created by Ed Pope on May 7, 2019, 9:24 p.m.
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