CATWEAZLE Thu 16 May 2019

Alan Buckley MC Justine on door

James Bell (guitar songs): The meaning of the sword (anon)/Ragtime melody (Del Wood?) Vince (guitar): 2 pieces Will (poem): Modern man (George Carlin) Marelyn (guitar songs): Beautiful in my eyes/Summertime (Gershwins) Simon Davies (guitar songs): Feel so blue and grey/Smile you precious thing Marcus (poem): Me used to talk but the boy never listen Jack: (song) A jug of this/(harmonica) Take five (Dave Brubeck) Trevor Williams (piano songs): Come home/You can bury me/Greedy pigs/The only one INTERVAL Silent Meeting (guitar songs): Choice of gifts/A room in the Savoy Arthur (of Overload) (poems): Are you happy?/There's this and there's that/Rehab went too well Adam Giles Levy (from Guildford) (guitar songs from album Peninsula): Mightier than your stone/Shadow son Caitlin (piano songs): First world problems/Love Tim (guitar song): The triumph of our tired eyes (A Silver Mount Zion)
Created by Ed Pope on May 19, 2019, 4:32 p.m.
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