CATWEAZLE Thu 30 May 2019

Sam Taplin MC Bill Frizzell on door

James Bell (guitar songs) Happy birthday to Ed (trad)/You got it (Roy Orbison) Patti Dale (song): West Virginia mining disaster (Jean Ritchie) Joe Hicks (guitar song): Cold (paint it gold) Sam Twigg Johnson (quattro song): Maple seed Stephen Durkan (poem): A day in the life of modern man John Jackson (guitar song): Salvador told ,me Sam Taplin (story): Badger & the snow Sam Lumm (guitar song): Burn Beverley (poems) Skin/Soak in the sun Simon Davies (guitar song): As one with the sunrise Rosie (guitar song): Rien de moi (Claire Denamur) Steve Larkin (poem): Kitten Andrew Melling (guitar song): Losing myself INTERVAL Amber (of Lee & Liam) (guitar song): Too late for the water Alan Buckley (poems): Things can only get better/Moonlight May Tumi (piano song): The door Jasmin (ukelele song): Maria you got to see her Moogieman (synth & guitar song): Journey to the east Jack (harmonica song): Spoonful (Willie Dixon) Kaitlin (guitar song): Butterfly Tyler Ferguson (guitar song): Drop in the ocean (Ron Pope) Ange (guitar song): Floating on soundwaves Miriam (from Malta) (poems):?/You are my island Ed Pope (story & chant): No game Pete Salmond (guitar): Sad piece
Created by Ed Pope on June 17, 2019, 9:47 p.m.
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