CATWEAZLE Thu 12 Sep 2019

Sam Taplin MC Justine on door

Sam Taplin (tale): Squirrel, rabbit & the end of summer
Sam Lumm: (guitar) Drifting (Andy McKie)/(guitar song) Smoke on the grass
Rebecca (poems): ?/Imagination (Elizabeth Jennings)/ and with Hannah , Taizé chant
Laura (poem): Apple tree
Arthur & Hannah (guitar songs): Vintage/My babysitter was my drug dealerler
Patti Dale (songs): Summertime (Gershwins)/Autumn leaves (Joseph Kosma/Jacques Prévert/Johnny Mercer)
Sam Taplin (poem): Ode to the spork (by ?)
Max Brown: (poem) Self portrait at 28 (David Berman of Silver Jews)/(songs) Deviltown (Daniel Johnston)/Go home and masturbate
Reagan (guitar songs): Tomorrow the dream/Undershadow
Caola (guitar songs): Summerfloor?/Butterfly
Logan Hamilton (song): Nightglow
Pedro (guitar) & Miguel (mandolin): 2 fado songs
Ali (poems): Tesco rescue/Ode to self
Hannah (poems): Blackberrying with dad/Only love/Little things
Lizzy (origami lesson)
Chris Floyd (guitar songs): This is as close/(with Jack harmonica) She likes to drink good whisky
Libby (poem): Hungry
Jack (round) Frere Jacques (trad)/(harmonica)
I-lodica (guitar song): Those who are at war/(melodica)
Ed Pope (song): Inchworm (apologies to Frank Loesser)

Created by Ed Pope on Sept. 18, 2019, 5:08 p.m.
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