CATWEAZLE Thu 24 Oct 2019

Sam Taplin MC Justine on door

Clare Lemaster (guitar songs): There's a place/Grave
Sam Whitehall (poems): catcat cat/love slush/eating yourself &c
Nicky Forecast (poem): Lenny the penguin
Rory Evans (guitar): Vincent (Don McLean) & another tune/(with Stuart Maxwell, harmonica song) Satan blues
Stephen Durkan (poems): The present crisis/Depends on how you look at it
Elvin (poem): Truth
Olle (guitar songs): All the Spanish poets/In the grass
Jaz de Lorean (piano songs): This side of the dirt/All the worries in the world/You can do anything/Rain on a Sunday/Sunny side of the street (Dorothy Fields)
The People Versus (guitar songs, Danny on piano): Maybe without you I'm as good/If your heart is broken let go
Farad (poem): The innocently persecuted
Xavier (guitar song): The spiritualisation of matter
Moogieman (synth & guitar song): Journey to the east
Lucy aka Acorn (poem): I press play
Stuart Maxwell (guitar song): We're rebelling for the right to eat
Silas Nello (guitar & harmonica songs) & Robert Cody Maxwell (guitar): In no shape to make it home/Ghosts in my shoes/Unknown/Holy ghost blues

Created by Ed Pope on Oct. 25, 2019, 3:13 p.m.
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