CATWEAZLE Thu 9 Mar 2023

Matt Sage MC

Simon Davies: Community/Rainy Weather Friends
Mandy Woods: Couple with one more romantic than the other/The possibility of you
Rob: Life (for a limited time only)
Beth Bayliss: Dedication to my mother/Lilith
Adam: Candyman/I can get up like this and like that
Patti Dale: The Drums of Peace/It's a beginning
Tony Bicat: In a line of books/It's not a tragedy/The beautiful briny ocean
Ukusnaily: Where is the nipple on the humble oat?
Nick: If changing was easy, we'd all be perfect/Love isn't a prize
Lara Linette: Powers of memory/You gotta have faith
Daniel: Did I do something wrong?
Owen Collins: Limerick for the Duke of Edinburgh/Mills/Jesus was a refugee
Matt Sage: Darkness to my door
Tori Wagg: Waiting room/Complimentary
Alice: The memo/Not her
Alice & Daisy & Ukusnaily: Woman

Created by Ed Pope on May 24, 2023, 5:56 p.m.
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