CATWEAZLE Thu 22 Jun 2017

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door

Alex (cello) & Eva (ukelele): Sunny afternoon (Kinks)
Simon Davies (guitar songs): Arms around the air/Easy come easy go
Jeremy (his own fiddle tunes): Dodging the showers/?Schlapstick
Jessica (short story): The cockatoo
Dan (guitar song): Red right ankle (Decembrists)
Phoebe Nicholson (poems): Flying ants day/Ivan Ivanovitch & the Soviet space dogs
Hester & Richard (guitar songs): Time to think it throough/Love was made for those who can begin again
Raga Woods: Grenfell tower communion
Bill Frizzell Experiment (Joel on drums, Dominic on sax, ? on guitar): Wild thing (Troggs à la Hendrix)
Trev Williams: Happy song/The start line
Matt Sage: (with Joel on drums) Ain't never gonna let her go/(with Dominic on sax) Solstice guitar tune
Ed Pope (poem): NHS
Patti Dale: (poem for her daughter) Portrait/Can't get you out of my heart (Lenny Welch)
Dominic & Poppy (piano song): I google you (Neil Gaiman)
Poppy (guitar song): Simple Russian girl (Jenia Lubich)
Simon Chambers (poems): Flow of life/?
Rob (drums) Erin (piano) & Jeremy (fiddle): I'll never know who nicked my bike/The students are back/ It's a long way to travel (impro) (see photo 6 of Cover Photos on The Catweazle Club Facebook page)

Created by Ed Pope on June 27, 2017, 1:11 p.m.
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