CATWEAZLE Thu 6 Jul 2017

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door

Kieran Walsh: (poem) from American Porn (Heathcote Williams)
Ben (guitar) & Jack (fiddle): set of Irish reels/more tunes
Angharad: (piano song) I'm only human (Rag & Bone Man)
Simon Davies: (guitar song) Humanity song
Francis: (poem) I must ring Clem (Heathcote Williams)
Jack: (poem) I'm proud of you son/(mouth harp tune) Why did I decide to wear jeans?
Matt Sage: King of everything/Give it all away (with Dom on sax)
Ed Pope: from Whale nation (Heathcote Williams)/Never forget your feet (song)
Harriet (double bass), Ally & Rob (guitars): (song) Wine don't go cold (Julie Dawid)
Dom James (sax, piano) & Naomi (song): Cry me a river (Arthur Hamilton)
Tara: (song) Running up that hill (Kate Bush)
Phoebe Nicholson: (poem) Arson
Toby & Jen (guitar song): Free & live
Mike England: (poem) Leisure (W H Davies)
Ally: (kids' poems) The big bang
Patti Dale: (poem) Soldiers for the future/(song) The flood (Eilen Jewell)
Jim Driscoll (guitar songs) & Josie Webber (cello): Morning dew/Amongst the new mown hay (Alfred Williams' collection)
Kieran Walsh: (poems by Heathcote Williams) Red dagger/Eating an apple

Created by Ed Pope on July 7, 2017, 7:37 p.m.
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