CATWEAZLE Thu 13 Jul 2017

Alan Buckley MC, Kathryn on door

I missed this week (Edwrad Pope) Alan Buckley gave me this list

Ben Champion (guitar song)
Naomi (guitar song)
Dan (guitar song)
Andy (rap)
Laura Theis (piano song)
Tad (ukelele song)
Kate R (song)
Clare Lemaster (guitar song)
Sam (fiction extract)
Simon Davies (guitar song)
Moogieman (guitar song)
Rosie Caldecott (guitar song)
Jack (harmonica)
The Headingtones (11-piece choir)
Pete Salmond (guitar)
Joe M (ukelele song) from US came to Catweazle a few years back
Yakez (trio)
Dominic James (sax) & Pierre Antoine (guitar): My Funny Valentine (Rodgers & Hart)
Angharad (piano)
Patti Dale (song)
Owl Light Trio (Colin guitar, Jane fiddle, Jim concertina)

Created by Ed Pope on July 28, 2017, 6:52 p.m.
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