CATWEAZLE Thu 27 Jul 2017

Matt Sage MC, Kathryn on door

Raymond Burke: Trouble in my way (trad)/Ceol an Ghra (Music of Love Irish Eurovision entry 1972)
Rhodri & Bruno (guitars songs): Willow/Mind at large
Nick (poems): October 2014/Every man deserves to know the face of his killer
Reader (piano): Julia (re: Magnus Burnsides, The Adventure Zone)/Owl Waltz
ET:(untitled prose piece) about a manor house and dancing animals?
Genevieve (guitar songs): Bookshop boy/Summer boy
Matt Sage (piano song): The light burns bright (let a stranger rearrange yer)
Jack: (song) God moves on the water (Blind Willie Johnson)/(harmonica) tune
Faceometer (guitar songs): Summer/Small adventures (of a porcupine - yet)/Hatstand (self-assembly)
Dom James (clarinet & piano): In a sentimental mood (Duke Ellington)
Ed: (guitar song) It's always summer somewhere
Sam: famous poems rewritten by an app
Patti Dale (song): One of those days (Eilen Jewell)
Naomi (guitar song): Images of us too much for me
Hannah: Swimming
Valentin (poem): Save it for tomorrow
Phoebe (poem): The wait
Angharad (piano): her piece based on Ludovico Einaudi

Created by Ed Pope on July 31, 2017, 3:57 p.m.
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