CATWEAZLE Thu 28 Jul 2016

Matt Sage MC Cassie on door

Moogieman: Pomegranate/Cold cucumber soup
Rosie: guitar tune/How did it come to be? &c
Will Mason: Take another part of me/Ordinary days
Tim: piano tune (strong chunky chords, anthemic)
Owen Collins: London girl/We're in your car
Raymond Burke: Never fall in love (heart of stone)/(faces) like the sand on the sea shore
Charlie Henry & Barney Morse Brown: Cygne (Saint Saens) Charlie on saw/Lost & found
Matt Sage: That's when you begin/Don't let the world go by
Walter & Clara: Pakta (Lebanon/Syria)
Jen & Toby: I feel li(ght) (ke) (fe)
Phoenix: Commit yourself to me/How does it feel?
Steve Larkin: Incubator/Clown
Luke & Abby: Long journey home
ET: A stamp in time/When you walk away don't think of me
Simon Batten: (piano) Ultramarine/I drive away
Dan: Them and uz (Tony Harrison poem)
Rob Sykes: The debt to music/Cowley road dawn ditty/What did you do in the brand wars daddy?
Owl Light Trio (Jim Penny accordion, Jane Griffiths fiddle, Colin Fletcher guitar): Coming home/Two sorcerers/Trip to Pakistan

Created by Ed Pope on Feb. 23, 2017, 6:39 p.m.
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