CATWEAZLE Thu 21 Jul 2016

Matt Sage MC Cassie on door

Rosie Caldecott: Unwind
Jem: I want to see how you look
Luke: Fare thee well my honey (Dink's song)
ET: Retail exasperation
Wayland: Shag dog of Birstall
Richard Gipps: Lady Franklin's lament
Clara & Walter: ?Finar fryadelu slip shlep?/Dogs are coming hold your horses
Alex: We saw her last by the bindweed
Sarah: Beware of the mind it's always there sometimes
Chris: A child is a revolutionary/Soft earth black glove (blood)/Hat suicide
Megan Henwood: Fate is a fable, cards on your chest/Think I'll move to...
Ben Champion: Sueing myself/A little bit OCD
Rowan: guitar rap
Ditte Elly: I wish I could have been there too/I pour my everything
Johnny: announcement this Sat 7.30 here
Owen Collins: Madness/Sigmund Freud Pink Floyd
Henry Blyth: piano impro (black keys mostly)
Ed Pope: The silence is a rushing stream
Clare Lemaster: Follow the sand
Laura Theis: (with Ditte Elly) Save us from the darkness
Faceometer: Elephant in the room/Porcupine yet

Created by Ed Pope on Feb. 23, 2017, 6:56 p.m.
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