CATWEAZLE Thu 14 Jul 2016

Sam Taplin MC Catherine on door

Rosie Caldecott: Let's unwind/Inside out (Chris Johnson on guitar)
Wayland: Gwyn and the crock of gold
Layla Tutt: You are most welcome (tumultuous and awkward fondness)
Simon Davies: Community
Patti Dale: Possibilities/Do nothing till you hear from me (Duke Ellington)
Benji Tranter: Hearts & handbags/Launderette song (for the emotionally wounded)
Raymond Burke: Without love's return (a heart can slowly break)
Bill Frizzell (with Raymond Burke on guitar): Apolitical blues (Little Feat)
Tom (with Lincoln & Logan): Want to be seduced
Lincoln & Logan: Almost (I almost forgot you were almost all mine)/Oxford chap
Robot Swans (Matt Bradshaw & Laura Theis): Relish (all my love and all my logic)/Pricks of the trade (I could have broken your heart so much gentler than she did)
Daisy Johnson: (from her book Fen) A bruise the size of a doorhandle
Mary Bateman: The Turkish Revelry & The Golden Vanity
Haydon: Mountain/Loaded
Waterfall: Another story (broken dreams piling up like litter on the street)
Victor: Brexitus
Rachel Ruscombe-King: (Vivid EP launch) with Trevor Williams (piano) James Schumann (flute & cahon) ? (clarinet) ? (bass) Ode to Richard Parker/Tread lightly/ Zoby's song/New daylight/Beacon

Created by Ed Pope on Feb. 23, 2017, 7:13 p.m.
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