CATWEAZLE Thu 16 Jun 2016

Sam Taplin MC Sophie Phipps on door

Patti Dale: Poncho & Lefty (Townes van Zandt)/One of those days (Eilen Jewell)
Moogieman: Triax/Ice cream van
Carl (poems): Reintroduction/Hymn to the Downs
Ben Yarman (poems): Queer (Rafael Campo)/Nietzsche
Nida (poems): Autumn/Doorknob eaters
Andrew: guitar tune
Olga Gdula: On the Brexit vote
Neo Homeless Man: Claustrophobic love/Album of my mind
Josh (guitar tunes): Drifting (Andy McKee)/another (but I was drifting)
Ben Champion: (poem) Cunts like bunting/(song) Sueing myself
Bill Frizzell: Ice cream freezer blues (Martin, Bogan & the Armstrongs)
George (poems): Wind farms/Strangers
Hayden (poems): The frog cooks/Labyrinth/Contract
Rip Bulkeley (poems): At his mother's grave snowdrops/Harbury
Paul: May morning/Have no fear I will swim out to you
Richard Gipps & Carol: Speed of the sound of loneliness (John Prine)/At his mother's grave (Rip Bulkeley)
Abby: The sleeping killer
Alex: Lullaby (guitar)/Hay fever (poem)
Nicole: Words
Ed Pope: Farewell to Eileen
Curious Sounds: Washed back out to sea (accordion version, piano version)/Fire on the mountain (Ed Shearan)

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