CATWEAZLE Thu 12 May 2016

Matt Sage MC Cassie on door

Matt Chanarin: Gun metal grey/Day you came into the world
Josh (guitar tunes): Tribes/Ladies night (both by Preston Reed)
Philippe: Close to the fire (cat poet purring to poetry)
Via Sanda (piano songs): New house/Without you (Tobias Jesse jr)
Rosie: Extra terrestrials story
Alex: Overwatered/Sum/Scenic route
Katrina: (violin tune)
Matt Sage: Thinking about my lady/Just another moonlight mile (Mick Jagger)
Raymond Burke: The place of your man (Prince)/Why are you so sad today?
Simson (from Toronto): Come back home/Find the best in me
Nicole: described by Matt Sage as "Anguish Art Alchemy"
Jan: poems
Henry: piano impro
Patti Dale: Love me or leave me (Doris Day)
Alan Buckley: Lucent (Sophia Blackwell)/Tick tock
Richard Neuberg: Summertime/Bells & whistles

Created by Ed Pope on Feb. 26, 2017, 4:05 p.m.
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