CATWEAZLE Thu 31 Mar 2016

Sam Taplin MC Sophie Phipps on door

Sam's quote from Zola "I am here to live art long"
James Bell: Canadee-i-o ("golden band I gained by the wearing of the blue")/Once in a very blue moon (Nancy Griffith)
four candles for Ronnie Corbett
Henry Blyth: long spiel about talent, piano impro
Jennifer: Baby won't you please come home (Bessie Smith)
Stuart & Tom: Coda (waggons go by)/Arrest "who me?" (Simon Batten)
Carl: Dupitrons- grandad's little finger/These are the hands (day old chicks)
Sam read The guitarist tunes up by Frances Cornford while
Raymond Burke tuned up for: Loneliness
Moogieman: Don't take it back/Diana
Stephen Durkan: Interview question/Hitler/Stalin/Audition
Will Mason & Jake: Just you wait/You are gold (Spandau Ballet)
Ben Champion: Bags for life/Dickheads the musical
Rob (percussion) & Jeremy (fiddle): Addison/Ride your Pewsey pony
Rosie Caldecott: Unity gardener song (but okay how we talk now)
Alan Buckley: Riposte to Joanna Bakewell (Helen Mort)/Looking glass/Pornography
Amanda Aalto: White horse (run through all the closed doors)
Eleanor: Don't want to paint you
Bruce: Sloop John B (Beach Boys) with audience 4 part harmonies
Bill Frizzell: Rapper's delight
Mark: 3 little windows on his daughter in Spain (true story)
Theo: White Lightning girls
The Go Go Six (5 of them): Gogoshetwala (Georgian)/Kyrie eleison (Corsican)

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