CATWEAZLE Thu 17 Mar 2016

Matt Sage MC Sophie Phipps on door

Nicole: Homeward bound, despite delays/2 jigs on a flute
Simon Davies: Nurse your heart along/I don't like working for the man
Harry (of Waiting For Smith): Mozart/I wish (you'd go away)
Paul: It's coming in (through the wet and through the wind)
Richard: Time (for Liam) "God doesn't listen to my drunken prayer"
Teresa: Always on 40%/Don't regret a single kiss but I regret tears
Matt Sage: Edgware story/Laudanum girl/Thinking about my baby
Ed Pope: If wishes were horses (Robin Williamson)/Carrickfergus/Devil's dead
Luke Keegan: Little dreamer/Tender shadows
Sharyn Hyde: Beeswing (Richard Thompson)
Crusoe: Heartbroken vagabond on the highway
Henry Blyth (piano): Prelude in C# minor (Rachmaninov)
Lex (of Memento): Dripping to the floor
Andrew Freidin: (flute & stories) Irlandaise/O Danny boy
Pete Salmond: Happy birthday Amanda/ (guitar tune)Nowadays I daydream a a lot

Created by Ed Pope on Feb. 27, 2017, 9:19 p.m.
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