CATWEAZLE Thu 10 Mar 2016

Matt Sage MC Sophie Phipps on door

Matt Sage: Will you still stay with me tonight?
Stephen Durkan: Just for me, going out
Thalia: Tell me why/Miss you (?)
Eleanor: Letter land
Paulette: Rain/Crane in moonlight
Trevor Williams: We all get lost along the way/We will wake
Rob (drums & voice): Sally Gardens (W B Yeats)/Copper beech Wadham college
Luke Keegan: There's always someone/Sarah's song
Raymond Burke: Want you to be mine (a cornier line)/Mixed-up boy
Lex (of Memento): Smoking folds of time
Sabelle: Help me (Joni Mitchell)
Eddie: Rose Darling (Steely Dan)
Alan Buckley: Four year old being a steam train/Birches (Robert Frost)
Andrew: (guitar tune) Transience
Amanda Aalto: (My heart grows cold) without you
Monique: Sketches of New York
Henry Blyth & Andrew Freidin: piano & flute impro

Created by Ed Pope on Feb. 27, 2017, 9:34 p.m.
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