CATWEAZLE Thu 25 Feb 2016

Sam Taplin MC Sophie Phipps on door

James Bell: Cuckoo/Pressure
Laura Theis: Insecticide/Imogen
Claire Ewbank: Transparency/Niece
Paul: The sun's high pavilion/We need a small country
Moogieman: Economyof love/Pinhole
Patti Dale: Sadie's singing low/Mary (Patty Griffin)
Simon Davies: Try me/Tomorrow brings love (big fat turtle dove)
Stephen Durkan: A day in the life of modern man
Raymond Burke: Don't waste your time (Prince)/You can't look me in the eye
Technicolor Orgasm (Chris Johnson guitar song, Rosie Caldecott song, Henry Blyth xylophone, Stephanie trumpet): Bird on the wire (Leonard Cohen)
Matt Bradshaw & Daisy Johnson: Shylabaf
Louie (ukelele song): My face
Amanda Aalto: The man of wisdom
George: A choice (pressing a button)/Mis under standing/Slicing bread
Lex (of Memento): Painted words
Richard: The road
Steve Larkin & Stefano: Two (truth will out)/Psycho Juliet
George & (Osan?): Jam in A minor/Another jam
James Gallagher: All these nothings/Intro rumination
Gustavo, Tomas & Nicolas (Oxford latin combo): El condor pasa/Aglarecio murca peromurca (?)

Created by Ed Pope on March 19, 2017, 5:35 p.m.
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