CATWEAZLE Thu 17 Dec 2015

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door

Rosie Caldecott: Where the lion slept (Luke Keegan)/Means the world to me
Moogieman: Christmas on Christmas Island
James: covered a song by Max
Max: covered a song by James
Alan Buckley: Gawain & the green knight/Poem
Lara Fairylove: I feel mental, I feel menstrual
Richard: Outlaws (Matt Sage)
Pete Salmond: Poem for sister Susie/ Christmas guitar tune
Alex: Storyteller/Rattle
Rumbledore's Revenge (Laura Theis, Chris Johnson): Buttons gets the girl (Sam Taplin)
Sam Taplin: Radical woman (Ed Pope)/Anywhere (with Chris Johnson on guitar)
Patti Dale: Critical mass/Do nothing till you hear from me
Richard: A truly happy moment/Bluebird (Charles Bukowski)
Eleanor: Lovely is not to burn
Matt Sage: When you don't feel so pretty
Lucy Duggan: The sunken lane/Artefacts (poems by Phoebe Nicholson)
ET: Get dressed you merry gentlemen
Matt Chanarin: Visions of Johanna (Bob Dylan)
Rob Sykes: Millenial
Ed Pope: A nocturnall (John Donne)/Gay weddings

Created by Ed Pope on March 24, 2017, 7:51 p.m.
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