CATWEAZLE Thu 5 Nov 2015

Faceometer MC Catherine on door

Duncan: Last night was full moon: crazy
Simon Davies: Fireworks/Autumn leaves
Jenny: Lucid dream poem
Will Mason: Bad tenants (mad Janet)
Johnny: History to be "won"/Pick a side
Stephen: Dublin so bored we drink till we cry/Rosa's life choices
Jess Hall: Worth the wait/Safe home to dry land
Paul Askew: Doris Lessing
Simon Pieman: beatboxing x 4
Tim & Ian: Wake up call/Beautiful girl
Tom Campbell: Ice cream/Crucifying jesus/Harp on his hands!
Richard Gipps: Elusive (Theo Dorgan)/Blackbird salmon
Tom Cray: Pissed kiss/Boxing days
Stuart: Nantucket/Justifications of evil
Faceometer: Don't count on me for festivities/Mississipi hippo
Laura Theis: Angel vs predator/Edinburra
Lord Toad: I will love you baby always

Created by Ed Pope on March 24, 2017, 9:02 p.m.
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