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Thu 14 Nov 2019

Steve Larkin MC Justine on door Add comment

Andrew (guitar songs): Love will never be mine/Only you
Carl Thomas (poem): Baling
Swaraj (guitar): tune
Carlinda (?): Trump & Franklin
Steve Larkin (mandolin song): Truth will out
Caroline (poems): Not going out/Squid/Bring back my sonnets
William (guitar song): Petite poupée (George Brassens)
Steve Larkin (poem): Peacocks see off terriers
Kaya (song): It's a gift to be simple (trad)
Apoplexy (keyboard, percussion songs): Shame (?)/Flowers by the gravestone
Steve Larkin (poem): RIP Steve Larkin
Jack: (poem) Man of Adderbury/(harmonica) harmonic minor
Livvy (poem): Housewarming
Lizzie plugging Hear the Word for Patti Dale
Rob: (dulcimer song) Kiss the moon/(guitar song) The scourge of the highway
Steve Larkin (poem): We are the boys for fun and noise
Marcus (poem): Gel r u

Thu 21 Nov 2019

Matt Sage MC Justine on door Add comment

Josh (guitar songs): 5 o'clock never comes/Bamboo
Abby (guitarlele songs): Let's get closer/I told you to be patient
Ed Pope: (poem) Glastonbury/(song) Dong with the luminous nose (Edward Lear)
Matt Sage (guitar songs): When you walk into the room/Give it all away
Phoebe Nicholson (poems): Oviraptor/Happiness
Matt Morton: (poem) Domestic/(harmonica) minor tune
Miss Shinamite: cake & Marie Antoinette
Alan Buckley (poem): Things can only get better/The Bell
Andrew: (guitar song) Transgression/(poem) Haircut
Olle (Instagram Olle & the Bear) (guitar song): All the Spanish poets
Lizzie (poems): Stand still/Phage
Jack (harmonica song): Special rider blues (Skip James)
Jader Pearl (song): Good love
Lucia (poem): The darkest part
Matt Sage (guitar song): Don't let the world go by

Thu 28 Nov 2019

Matt Sage MC Justine on door Add comment

Matt Sage (guitar song): Darkness to my door/Go in peace
Rosie & Emily (guitar songs): Black & blue/Breathe in
Ian (guitar songs): Night and day/Let yourself go
Ukesnaile (piano songs): Ces't une pute (Fatal Bazooka)/Where is the nipple on the humble oat?
Simon (poems): Staging post/Sticks & stones
Ed Pope (song): No two men cry
Eva San Garden (keyboard songs): Young Emily (trad)/Round and round the garden
Nick (guitar songs): A game called love/Nearly a year until I'll see you again
Lizzie (poems): Socks/Pencil magic
Matt Sage (guitar song): Don't let the world go by
Ian (guitar song): It's always been you
Eva San Garden (piano song): Where does the time go?
Ukesnaile (piano song): I am the least racist person there is
Hester & May (songs & piano): If you are so beautiful (Georgian trad.)/Some of your lovin' (Carole King)/She dances to the rhythm of the moon

Thu 5 Dec 2019

Steve Larkin MC Justine on door Add comment

Jack (harmonica, songs): Catfish blues/Motherless children/Concrete/improv
Steve Larkin (poems): Rolling stone/Black Friday
Chris Floyd (guitar songs): Wake me from these dreams/Every chain shall fall/Take this stone/Jesus turned the water into wine
Anra? (poems): I wonder/Apologise
Stilly (screen & poems): The beautiful swallow/The leaky kegs
George (poems): Lemons/Moving/Hammertime/Cacophony
Sam: Oxford accomodation
Steve Larkin (poems): Buddha in Milton Keynes/One big sentence
Ed Pope (songs): No two men cry/Hot springs with Britta

Thu 12 Dec 2019

Matt Sage MC Add comment

Matt Sage
Anne Maria: North country blues
Chris Floyd & Jim Driscoll:
Patti Dale:
Rob Sykes:

Thu 19 Dec 2019

Matt Sage MC Bill Frizzell on door Add comment

Matt Sage (guitar song): Darkness to my door
Ed Pope (balalaika song): Gay weddings
Craig (guitar song): Train in the distance
Clare Lemaster: (guitar song with Sam Twigg-J on cahon) Done/The rainbow connection
Will (poem with Jack on harmonica): XR
Richie Sticks & the brain people (guitar song): Everybody's happy
Ukesnaile: (guitar song) Buckingham what matters to you?/(ukelele song) When you have a mouth and an anusLivia (poem): New year
Slough Sausages (guitar & ukelele song): Angel
Miss Shinamite: Xmas special
Moogieman (guitar & synth song): Astral projection
Katy (guitar song): Same as last year
Simon (poems): A solstice tale/Armed police for breakfast
Ciaran Walsh (song): Tory scum
Patti Dale: (poem) A tidal wave/(song) You can do it too
Carl Tomlinson (poem): Market forces
Alan Buckley (poems): The cat/During midnight (Anthony McMahon)
Lara Fairylove: (poem) To bleed or not to bleed/(song) O fuck (Ed Pope)
Bill Frizzell (harmonica, ukelele song with Pete & Jack): Is you is or is you ain't my baby?