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Thu 7 Apr 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Matt Sage: Just another moonlight mile (Mick Jagger)/Dreaming about my baby
Daniel (patient pacifist): If we can truly love we can build the world anew
Alan: Poor wayfaring stranger
Max Brown: 15 year old party/Katy
Stephen Durkan: She/Shit stain on art history
Crusoe: Homewards to the range
Ben Champion: No way to defragment my heart/Ginger cowboy
Raymond Burke: Strangers & dangers/Staying on
Peter: Suicide policeman
ET: Drink till I die
Ed Pope: Dashing away with the smoothing iron
Danny: New dresses love/You yourself deserve
Alan Buckley: Psychotherapy/Butterflies
Andrew Freidin: piano impro
George & Oscar (accordion & guitar): 3 tunes, One Step Beyond (Madness)


Thu 14 Apr 2016

Matt Sage MC Sophie Phipps on door Add comment

Simon Davies: This matter of love/Rainy weather friends
Kat: What's up? (4 Non Blondes)
Pete Joshua: Nancy (& the stolen horse)
Jan: (piano tune)/(piano song) We're drifting apart
Mark: daughter in Spain, back condition (true stories)
Sally: Ae fond kiss (Robert Burns)
Max Brown: Fall in love with everyone you meet/15 year old party
Rosie: I love you I don't think you care
Moogieman: Pinhole/I just want to shoot you
Ewan: Dadum(guitar)/(with Helen) Song without words
Helen: Hold me close don't let me go
Richard: When all closes in you're not really alone
Hugh: Ratting poem "not unbyronic"
Art Theefe (Matt, Joel & Josh): We're all doing time/Don't let the world go by
Josh Regal: bass guitar tune
Richard Gipps: You're not really alone (song version of above)
Theo: Waltz#2 (Elliott Smith)
Pete Salmond: tune

Thu 21 Apr 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Richard Gipps: She comes not/Betjeman on Bristol/John Clare "vast shipwreck"
Pete Salmond: Nowadays
Patti Dale: Do nothing till you hear from me (Duke Ellington)/Wanna come home to you, sky will split blue
Rob (in costume) with Erin: Rumour/Mobile phones
Matt Sage: Will you still stay with me tonight?/You are the queen (Pablo Neruda)
Helen: You (piano song she wrote when 15)/Little bird
Barney Morse Brown: Shadow on the moon/Out in colours(?)
Lex (of Memento): Elders? "smoking folds of time"
Andrew: Set sail on a world of I don't know (?blues)/Not even in love
ET: Queen & ironing board
Ewan: two guitar tunes
Megan Henwood: The Dolly (Oxford)/The siren "when will her finish begin"
Ed Pope: Mirror of pearl/What a little moonlight (Billie Holliday)

Thu 28 Apr 2016

Sam Taplin MC Sophie Phipps on door Add comment

Tom Blackburn: Blowing in the wind (Bob Dylan)/Icarus (Ann Lister)
Moogieman: Parties in Chelsea (Television Personalities)
Stephen Durkan: Salt please (what's in it for me?)/Sculcoates (the town crumbles)
Bethany Weimers: In limbo days
Will Mason (Catweazle sang him happy birthday): Leaving/Winter's gone
Henry Blyth: piano impro
Olga Gdula: Thought shaker/Existential
Sam Twigg Johnson (with Cathy): Johnny is the fairest man
Ross: speech from Posh
Phoebe Nicholson: Research centre/Shrove Tuesday
Matt Chanarin: Murmuration/Down at the back of the shack
Ben Champion: Sorry Hugh Laurie/Password
Neo Homeless Man: This is love
Alex Lezana: Rattle
Oscar & George: (guitars flamenco-style)
Pete Salmond: (guitar tune)
Rob Sykes: Studland
Richard Gipps: Told you last night I'd be gone soon (Gilead 1st page)
Craig Simmons: I'm hoping you'll stick around/ (with Dick) May you never (John Martyn)
Rosie Caldecott: Making a mistake
Robot Swans: Pricks of the trade/Poet's song (?)

Thu 5 May 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Moogieman: Don't take it back (Disposable camera)/Skylab
Aranto (?): I don't like loneliness/Cry me a river (with Thomas on guitar)
Rosie: Step away from me
Simon Davies: Smile you precious thing/Waiting for the man
Dave Griffiths: Buying a mattress (true story)
Matt Sage: Song for Sam/Will you still stay with me tonight?
Lex (of Memento): Out of sight but not quite blind
ET: Jolly rumbelo. to welcome in the May-o
Ben Champion: Ginger cowboy/A little bit OCD
Neo Homeless Man: Tell her how he feels
Xander: Sticks & stones
Tiffany: Motherfucker/Tautologies of apologies/Literary puzzle
Hanry Blyth (piano) & Andrew Freidin (flute): impro
Paul Jackson (sitar): impro/Know who you are
Patti Dale: Veins of coal (Richie Stearns)
Matt Chanarin: No man is an island/Lucky life


Thu 12 May 2016

Matt Sage MC Cassie on door Add comment

Matt Chanarin: Gun metal grey/Day you came into the world
Josh (guitar tunes): Tribes/Ladies night (both by Preston Reed)
Philippe: Close to the fire (cat poet purring to poetry)
Via Sanda (piano songs): New house/Without you (Tobias Jesse jr)
Rosie: Extra terrestrials story
Alex: Overwatered/Sum/Scenic route
Katrina: (violin tune)
Matt Sage: Thinking about my lady/Just another moonlight mile (Mick Jagger)
Raymond Burke: The place of your man (Prince)/Why are you so sad today?
Simson (from Toronto): Come back home/Find the best in me
Nicole: described by Matt Sage as "Anguish Art Alchemy"
Jan: poems
Henry: piano impro
Patti Dale: Love me or leave me (Doris Day)
Alan Buckley: Lucent (Sophia Blackwell)/Tick tock
Richard Neuberg: Summertime/Bells & whistles

Thu 19 May 2016

Sam Taplin MC Catherine on door Add comment

Edward Pope: Starry-eyed/Merry month of May
Patti Dale: The flood (Eilen Jewell)/Who else but humans?
Frances Salter: Background music/Take me down the river
Andrew Freidin: flute theme/& variations (Carys page turner)
Johnny: The wall/Pick a side
West (?): Blanketing the what needs to be done
Rosie & Bonny: Dancing karaoke bars
The Sonic City Fallen (Richard?): Open up your heart/My one true love
Rachel Ruscombe King: Beautiful moon/Zoby's song
Neo Homeless Man: Album of my mind/Love
Elvis: Let's play together
Amanda Aalto: You are the moon
Theo: My name is Jesse (Breaking Bad)
Ella: Come back
ET: Come away with me tomorrow

Thu 26 May 2016

Matt Sage MC Sophie Phipps on door Add comment

Moogieman: AGFA Clack/Don't take it back
Ben: Swansea bay (asparagus tops?)
Max Brown: Make it easy on yourself (Bacharach & David)/Don't let me let you down
Patti Dale: One of those days (Eilen Jewell)
Dave Griffin: Eclipse cliff drama (true story)
Verbuda: Gladiator pretty and dirty/Near me when I'm gone
Neo Homeless Man: Claustrophobic love/Missing you (just like crazy)
Stephen Durkan: One look at the screen/What would Andrew Neil say? terrorist attack
Ben Champion: I'll never stop sucking
Robot Swans: Mirror of nothing/Pricks of the trade
Rob: Down the front (for Ian Dury)
Owen Collins: Lay-by baby/Sir Elton John
Caitlin Cook: Jericho/Fuck you
Rob Sykes: Lace/Birdlime/Studland
Cath Brown & Michael Holt: Other side the (?)

Thu 2 Jun 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Harry: Mozart (guitar)/Where she goes (piano)
Patti Dale: The flood (Eilen Jewell)
George (poems): Fluff to fluff/Thicket of roses/This pen rests
Via Sander (?): 3 girls with the same name/Evelyn
Olga Gdula: Get off your white horse
Clare Lemaster: That man is a cigarette/ Cry me a river (Arthur Hamilton)
Sue Hughes: A cup of tea
Will (with Matt Sage on guitar & Liz on flute): Fly me to the moon (Bart Howard)
Ramsey Licorice: Will they remember me when I'm dead?/Little yellow man
Ed Pope: To pipe quaint airs/Praying to the sun going down
ET: Alice in wonderland
Mark: Braying donkeys
Max Brown: Soul and fire (Sebadoh)/Why would you remember me?
Richard Gipps: Ae fond kiss (Robert Burns)
Guy: Roof climbing poem/Dependable as a lullaby
Henry Blyth & Clare Lemaster: Piano impro in A minor
Andy: Hello hi hi (it's nice to meet you at last)/Someting (Sus Boy?)/Owning serotonin

Thu 9 Jun 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Matt Sage: King of everything
Pete Joshua: (clawhammer-style banjo) Nancy was her name
Stephen Durkan: Who am I? identity crisis/Kierkegaard/The next word
Naomi: Dead of night/Off to fix my shin
Olga Gdula: No christmas table, no moral code
Chris: Loving apprehension of your eye/New Orleans aglow with living flame/I want to revel with the dead and gone
Sally (piano song): I still remember me before you, I'm no fool
Jan: Eric's poems/Never replace/This don't fit/Love returned/Birthday flowers/Self incinerator active in my giving/Branding you on my heart yellow around the eyes
Gail (piano): We summon the dove(?)
Jim Driscoll: Isle of beauty fare thee well/The drunkard's farewell to his folly (both from Alfred Williams' collection)
Isabel: I let you in and I let you go go/We nearly had it all
Dmitri (guitar): I met a girl
Paulette: I'm stood there not knowing I'm waiting/ Rain & earth
Adrian: O tell me the truth about love (W H Auden)
Andrew: 7 couplets of Shakespeare plays
Peter (guitar): Dream
Alan Buckley: Being a beautiful woman/Little machine
Ben Champion: Higgs Boson/Light bulbs