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Thu 5 Nov 2015

Faceometer MC Catherine on door Add comment

Duncan: Last night was full moon: crazy
Simon Davies: Fireworks/Autumn leaves
Jenny: Lucid dream poem
Will Mason: Bad tenants (mad Janet)
Johnny: History to be "won"/Pick a side
Stephen: Dublin so bored we drink till we cry/Rosa's life choices
Jess Hall: Worth the wait/Safe home to dry land
Paul Askew: Doris Lessing
Simon Pieman: beatboxing x 4
Tim & Ian: Wake up call/Beautiful girl
Tom Campbell: Ice cream/Crucifying jesus/Harp on his hands!
Richard Gipps: Elusive (Theo Dorgan)/Blackbird salmon
Tom Cray: Pissed kiss/Boxing days
Stuart: Nantucket/Justifications of evil
Faceometer: Don't count on me for festivities/Mississipi hippo
Laura Theis: Angel vs predator/Edinburra
Lord Toad: I will love you baby always

Thu 12 Nov 2015

Matt Sage MC Sophie Phipps on door Add comment

Raymond Burke: War/Changed the colour of your hair
Will Mason: Don't forget to leave me no more
Rachel Ruscombe-King (piano song): Mountain love
Lex (of Memento): It all goes dripping to the floor
Lucia: Slow motion mangoes/Cliff (cocoliths)
Andrew: guitar tune
Emmanuel Odwar: This is major
Rosie Caldecott: Hushabye (with Henry Blyth on piano)/Lost cause - no need for roses anymore
Paul: The elm tree (Witney folk song)
Faceometer: Dogs on the front/Promotional video/Unwillingness to dance
INTERVAL (Will Mason on piano)
Ben Champion: Dickheads the musical
Patti Dale: The rock/Looking at me looking at you
Matt Sage: Martha's song the morning sun
Rich: Already under your spell
Eleanor: Don't point out the good
ET: Unrequited love poem
Henry Blyth: Alzheimer's piano impro
Phoebe Nicholson: Lessons (smashed warp)
Alan Buckley: Blonde/Cardinal pump, power behind the throne
Caitlin Cook: Standstill/?/?/Fuck you

Thu 19 Nov 2015

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Will Mason: Old man's game/Hold on, it's a bad sign
Lex (of Memento): Smoking folds of time/Dripping to the floor
Deanna: Pirouette (poem)
Richie Stearns (banjo): Ribbons & bows/Veins of coal
Pablo: Invierno
Amanda Aalto: I won't survive without your love/Don't make me give up on you
Matt Sage: That's when you begin/Laudanum girl
Ed Pope: Waltz of the new moon (Robin Williamson)
Steve Larkin: Can we be friends/DNA grow bag
Nigel: Meadow haze/Rock my world
ET (story): Meet devil by juice
Henry Blyth: Piano sonata parts 2:1 & 2:3 (Franz Schubert)
Pete: Collarbone poem
Andrew: guitar lullaby
Raymond Burke: I'm a loser/Everybody's telling me

Thu 26 Nov 2015

Matt Sage MC Sophie Phipps on door Add comment

Pete Joshua: Nancy
Patti Dale: Who else but humans?
Mike: Birdface (Pride of Logie Baird)
Max Brown: (powerful waste of beating heart)
Matilda Leyser: Hades
Andrew: guitar tune
Moogieman: Pomegranate/Disposable camera
Ben: Latvian disco story
Henry: explanation & piano improvisation
Clare Lemaster: Lime/Heart attack
Ben Champion: A little bit OCD
Raymond Burke: Keep on running
Lex (of Memento): Howling stone
Ashley: Neolithic man sees
James (& Max): Nothing seems to want to last
Zoë: Bye bye blackbird/Lily of the arc lamps
Richard: Your life is your life/Once more into the breach
Rick: Gallery/Keanu Merkel & Oprah
Sam Taplin & Phoebe Nicholson: Dark eyes
Jack Rabbit: East of the sun, west of the moon

Thu 3 Dec 2015

Matt Sage MC Sophia on door Add comment

Simon Davies: Nurse your heart along/Tomorrow brings love
Will Mason: Won't you get away from this?/You bring me back down to earth
Lucia: I woke up breathing for him and the wind/ A rower/ Boredom
Matt Sage: Will you still stay with me tonight?/Lovers' lane
Laura Theis: Colour of the witch (stay away from the boy)/Spider in the music room
Siad & James: Riverside
James Greenham (of Mandorla Tandorla): Serbian dirge with whistling/I'm in love with a sheep
Sam Taplin: his late father's bad jokes/ Doomed romantics (with James Bell)
James Bell: You got it/Wonder at crime
Ken: Pillowfight
Tom Campbell: I'm available/Fucking Tory git
Phoebe Nicholson: Venus flower basket
Raymond Burke: Trouble in mind
Andrew Freidin: flute impro
Ed Pope: Waters of Babylon/Silly song

Thu 10 Dec 2015

Matt Sage MC Bill Frizzell on door Add comment

Lex (of Memento): The knuckles of your heart's clenched fist, listen to people as they might know what to do
Raymond Burke: Medicine jar (Jimmy McCulloch)/When you cannot cry
Lucia: Tick tock
Bryn: Tell my love/Stalker's song
Ollie: Rod Hull & Emu ghost story/Lambeth warp
Hannah: piano impro
Maddy Godfrey: Aardvark (Chenoah Ellis?)/One day you'll write a poem about me
Damien: Honey rose charity raffle
Matt Chanarin: Father of mine/Not in our name
Sam Taplin (with Chris Johnson): Something to believe in/Anywhere at all
George: accordion tune
Patti Dale: Codeine (Buffy St Marie)
Matt Sage: Dreaming about my baby/To my darling daughter
Amanda Aalto: My flowers won't bloom without you
Bill Frizzell: Autumn/Thanatophilia (by Amber Frizzell)
Marcus Corbett: Tuk-tuk song
Phoebe Nicholson: Bunkers (Tornado Alley)

Thu 17 Dec 2015

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Rosie Caldecott: Where the lion slept (Luke Keegan)/Means the world to me
Moogieman: Christmas on Christmas Island
James: covered a song by Max
Max: covered a song by James
Alan Buckley: Gawain & the green knight/Poem
Lara Fairylove: I feel mental, I feel menstrual
Richard: Outlaws (Matt Sage)
Pete Salmond: Poem for sister Susie/ Christmas guitar tune
Alex: Storyteller/Rattle
Rumbledore's Revenge (Laura Theis, Chris Johnson): Buttons gets the girl (Sam Taplin)
Sam Taplin: Radical woman (Ed Pope)/Anywhere (with Chris Johnson on guitar)
Patti Dale: Critical mass/Do nothing till you hear from me
Richard: A truly happy moment/Bluebird (Charles Bukowski)
Eleanor: Lovely is not to burn
Matt Sage: When you don't feel so pretty
Lucy Duggan: The sunken lane/Artefacts (poems by Phoebe Nicholson)
ET: Get dressed you merry gentlemen
Matt Chanarin: Visions of Johanna (Bob Dylan)
Rob Sykes: Millenial
Ed Pope: A nocturnall (John Donne)/Gay weddings

Thu 7 Jan 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Simon Davies: Champagne in the soul
Collum: Teddybear
Rosie: Ophelia
Naomi: Parrots & kangaroos
Jack: Lucifer (from Byron's Cain)
Rosie Caldecott with Laura & Claire: Greenhouses
Ali: Didcot/Don't leave me
Tom Blackburn: (song) Angel Hill/(tunes) Johnny to France, Keel row
Freja: Geordie
Neo Homeless Man: Photograph/Claustrophobic love
Mary Bateman: Henry Martin/Black is the colour
Will Mason: Not planned
Alex Lezana: Raindrops lullaby
George: accordion tune
Pete Salmond: guitar tune
Patti Dale: Veins of coal (Richie Stearns)
Claire Ewbank: Under a rock/Lantern
Danny: guitar tune
Ben Champion: Sorry Hugh Laurie/Password
Anson: Start the change
Laura Theis: Spider in the music room

Thu 14 Jan 2016

Matt Sage MC Sophie Phipps on door Bowie dead Add comment

Matt Sage: Poem (Heathcote Williams)/Sun Machine (Bowie)
Max Brown: Scott Walker doing Jacques Brel ("cute in a stupid ass way")
Lucia: Sound & vision (Bowie)
Andrew (pedal steel guitar): Down to the crossroads/Hoochie coochie man
Rob (rapper): Hieroglyphs with spliffs
Amanda Aalto: Man like you
Raymond Burke: Scream like a baby (Bowie)/Chemistry wrong (Nolan Sisters)
Ben: Rock'n'roll suicide (Bowie)
Matt Bradshaw: Spectre (Radiohead's rejected Bond theme)
Paul Jackson (sitar): Raga for the dead/Buddha's army
Curious Sounds (from Reading, accordion, susaphone, fiddle, cahon): Jagged edges/Time won't wait
Alex Lezana & Will Mason: Poem for Bowie/Heroes (Bowie)
Neo Homeless Man: In the churchyard
Patti Dale: Soldiers for the future/Do nothing till you hear from you
Bill Frizzell: The man who sold the world (Bowie)
Pete Salmond (guitar tune): Sun Machine (Bowie)
Connor: Love trapEd Pope: Quicksand chorus (Bowie)

Thu 21 Jan 2016

Alan Buckley MC Catherine on door Add comment

Trevor Williams: Ranking (being myself)
Lex (of Memento): Pro people
Ash & Rob: beatbox & rap beat
Neo Homeless Man: Missing you
Wayland (story): Ambrose on Huckpen Hill
Alan (from Abingdon): Wayfaring strangers
George: two accordion tunes
Richard Gipps: Ae fond kiss (Robert Burns)
Amanda Aalto: Jacky Moon & her silver spoon/A new religion
Alan Buckley: Fuck (Kim Addonizio)
Raymond Burke: When you gonna find your way back home?
Connor: Whisky on the side
Henry Blyth: piano impro
Jim & Rick (from Surrey): On 15th & Pea Street/Poor little Dutch kid
Pete Salmond: porcupine tree-esque guitar tune
Marta: 2 halves (accordion/tambourine)
Alan Buckley: Scum (Hillsborough)
Max Brown: One friend less
Patti Dale: House of the Rising Sun/I hate to see that evening sun go down