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Thu 11 May 2017

Alan Buckley MC Bill Frizzell on door Add comment

Naomi (guitar songs): Travelling (crumble gently)/The heart is not a place
Miguel (portuguese guitar): Variations on a river (Coimbra 1920s)
Moogieman (guitar songs): Perfectly boring/Summer of '09
Phoebe Nicholson (infomercial): Catweazle magazine & tribute to Claudia Colberti
Julian: (poem) The big issue/(guitar song) Undress me
Bill Frizzell (ukelele song): Pinball Wizard (Pete Townsend) to tune of Folsom Prison Blues
Dominic (sax & piano): Stella by starlight (Victor Young)
Will Mason (guitar songs): On a windy day/Won't take no for an answer
Patti Dale (songs): More than you know (Billie Holliday &c)/St Louis blues (W C Handy)
Alan Buckley (poems): Enquiry/Stones
Frances (piano song): Background music
Pierre (poems): Denim/last lines of Death & Co (Sylvia Plath)/This never happened
Geoff (guitar songs): (It's okay to be) mistaken/Oh how I love you
Henry Blyth (poem): My irregular memory
Marina (poems): If I were a church/My love is an apple tree
Liat (flute & song) & Miguel (guitar): Lella (in Galician)/Ya kalbi (Souad Massi) (in Arabic)

Thu 18 May 2017

Matt Sage MC Bill Frizzell on door Add comment

Sergio (guitar? song):?
Morella (guitar? song): The work song (Hozier)
Rachel & Olivia (guitar? songs): Coming up easy (Paolo Nutini)/Waggon wheel (Bob Dylan/Ketch Secor)
Stephen Durkan (story/poem?) with Dominic (piano):?
Poppy (guitar? songs): The songs I wrote/What to expect
George (accordion) & Oscar (guitar): Bella Ciao/ 2 more tunes
Jeremy Harmer (guitar songs): Freya's song/Bring us back our sons (43 Reforma)
Phoebe Nicholson (poem): The goldfish bowl
Trevor Williams (guitar/piano songs): Along the way/You cut we bleed/Storm/The start line
Moogieman (guitar song): Pinhole
Duo Cane (guitar songs): 2 by 2 in Italian
Valentin (story): Save it for tomorrow
Matt Sage (guitar song): (You ain't never goin to) let her go
Ed: It was a funny little thing
Rob (drums & voice) Erin (guitar/piano) Jeremy (fiddle): The swallows' return/I'm bored
Dominic (piano/sax) Poppy (song): Cry me a river

Thu 25 May 2017

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Simon Davies: Try me/Predestination
Ed & Polly: It's always summer somewhere
Matt Sage: I trained a spy/(You ain't never gonna) let her go
Patti Dale: (poem) Do I need peace?/Poncho & Lefty (Towns van Zandt)
Damien: (When I return) I'll be a soldier/Let the loss of your words be kind (?)
Jeremy (poems): Richard Sellig too soon/Flying - drooping
Naomi: "if I could I would dream" (?)
Marina (poem): Yoga class
Toby: I know I'm a lucky man/Remember until November
Max Brown: My father's son/Track 3 ("drinking like Sinatra")
Pierre (jazz guitar):?/I fall in love too easily (Chet Baker)
Rob Sykes (poems): A futile gesture/Multipack
Henry Blyth: Oliver Sachs' Musicophilia intro to piano impro
Oxford Beatles (Riaz, Chris & Greg): With a little help from my friends/Lovely Rita meter maid (Beatles)
Dominic (sax/piano): Georgia (Hoagy Carmichael)
Alan Buckley (poems): Try to praise the mutilated world (Adam Zagajewski)/Et in arcadia ego
Ed Pope: part 2 of LMS occupation "epic" ending with Love conkers all

Thu 1 Jun 2017

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Matt Sage: Gratitude is the same as grace/I've named you the queen (Pablo Neruda)
Duo Cane: two songs in Italian
Henry Blyth: Poem ending "where I am" piano impro (sprays of arpeggios)
Stephen Durkan (poyims): Change/CV/Paltry poetry
Sam: four Googletranslate poems
Dominic (sax & piano) & Poppy (song): Someone to watch over me (Gershwins)
Moogieman & the Masochists (Clare, Claire, Vince, Stefano): Ektachrome/44 sunsets
Matt Sage: If I stumble
Jack: The January man (song) (Dave Goulder)/(mouth harp)
Mark (poems): Why do you want this job?/Swimming backwards
Poppy (guitar songs): The instrument of my body/Bad for each other's health
Drew (poem): Seven suns (as the dead wash ashore)
Clare Lemaster (guitar songs): No good for me baby/What are we?

Thu 8 Jun 2017

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Jim Driscoll (guitar songs): and by their roguish masters never will be trampled down/union song (Jim's settings of songs collected by Alfred Williams 1877-1930)
Julian (guitar song): o darling take me away
Angharad (voice): Don't you remember (Adele)
Rip Bulkeley (poems): For us (Jill Lambert)/Port twilight
Alistair (poem): My Galway great grand father
Kim Logan (from Nashville -guitar songs): I know something you don't anymore/What would you say to me?
Ephebe aka Lex of Memento (guitar song): Smile through the whisky it's all right I wasn't even listening the first time
Carl (poems): Birthright/Sandcastles (gooddadhood website)
Patti, Naomi & Marina: G-l-o-r-i-a (Van Morrison/Patti Smith)
Matt Sage: song in embryo (guitar only)/Rivers of compassion
Dominic (sax & piano): East of the sun (Brooks Bowman)
Pierre & Naomi (guitar songs in English & French): All of me (Marks & Simons)/Back to black (Amy Winehouse)
Mandy Woods (guitar songs): Miniature hot dog blues/Satnav Serena
Ben & Hannay (guitar song): Sweet dreams (Eurhythmics)
Bill Frizzell (true story): My Maori brother-in-law & Steve Hunt poems Cabbage tree & Words
Rosie Caldecott (guitar songs): Head between the pages of my diary/Making a mistake, a great one
Jeremy (fiddle tunes): Aylesbury sailing club/No peace no justice ...

Thu 15 Jun 2017

Sam Taplin MC Catherine on door Add comment

Ed Pope: (song) Where does it lead (Miriam Makeba)
Christopher (guitar songs): What a beautiful night/Cliché
Stephen Durkan (poyims): A house divided/Glasgow Zen/The labyrinth
Simon Davies (guitar songs): Champagne in your soul/A day full of sun
Sam Taplin (piano song): Sea captain
Rob Sykes (poems): Trends in retail/Relativity/Living history/The march of civilisation/Crusoe/Careless
Raymond Burke (guitar songs): Jesus will fix it (Lee Williams)/Willie Creighton
Dominic James (piano/sax): My funny valentine
Valentin (poems): Snooze button/Save it for tomorrow
Naomi (guitar songs): My friend the unsaid/This thing I was trying to grab at
Nick: Breakfast in bed/"would never be a father"
Alistair: (prose poem) Scotland
Avshin (guitar): Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Francisco Torrega)/Iranian love song
Oliver: pages from his diary
Kyle (story): Floodwater cracker/? (Marina Abramovic)
Patti Dale (songs): Lost dog (Sarah Jarosz)/Sadie's singing low

Thu 22 Jun 2017

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Alex (cello) & Eva (ukelele): Sunny afternoon (Kinks)
Simon Davies (guitar songs): Arms around the air/Easy come easy go
Jeremy (his own fiddle tunes): Dodging the showers/?Schlapstick
Jessica (short story): The cockatoo
Dan (guitar song): Red right ankle (Decembrists)
Phoebe Nicholson (poems): Flying ants day/Ivan Ivanovitch & the Soviet space dogs
Hester & Richard (guitar songs): Time to think it throough/Love was made for those who can begin again
Raga Woods: Grenfell tower communion
Bill Frizzell Experiment (Joel on drums, Dominic on sax, ? on guitar): Wild thing (Troggs à la Hendrix)
Trev Williams: Happy song/The start line
Matt Sage: (with Joel on drums) Ain't never gonna let her go/(with Dominic on sax) Solstice guitar tune
Ed Pope (poem): NHS
Patti Dale: (poem for her daughter) Portrait/Can't get you out of my heart (Lenny Welch)
Dominic & Poppy (piano song): I google you (Neil Gaiman)
Poppy (guitar song): Simple Russian girl (Jenia Lubich)
Simon Chambers (poems): Flow of life/?
Rob (drums) Erin (piano) & Jeremy (fiddle): I'll never know who nicked my bike/The students are back/ It's a long way to travel (impro) (see photo 6 of Cover Photos on The Catweazle Club Facebook page)

Thu 29 Jun 2017

Sam Taplin MC Catherine on door Add comment

I was in London and only saw last 3 acts but reconstructed list (Ed Pope)

Moogieman: Polly Polaroid/Frobia(?)
Clare Lemaster: I'm a little teapot (jazz version)/Summertime (Gershwins)
Uta? (poems): Flower on table/Home
Dominic (sax, piano & voice): I'll be seeing you (Fain/Kahal)
Ben Champion: (poem)/Password
Alan Buckley (poems): Cowley Road 12.20pm/We have a saying
Maria: ?
Tariq Beshir & Eric: 2 oudh tunes
Alex & Charlie (sax & doudle bass): 2 tunes
Nynka: Fools rush in &c
Ed: 2 guitar songs
Valentin: (poem)
Gabi & Laura: sang traditional tunes
Patti Dale: Well well well (Danny O'Keefe/Bob Dylan)
Angharad: I'm only human (Rag & Bone Man)/Superwoman (Alicia Keys)
Sam Twigg Johnson (with Vince, Hannah & Josh): Take me into your company/Bonny boy (trad)/How do you wear your discontent?

Thu 6 Jul 2017

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Kieran Walsh: (poem) from American Porn (Heathcote Williams)
Ben (guitar) & Jack (fiddle): set of Irish reels/more tunes
Angharad: (piano song) I'm only human (Rag & Bone Man)
Simon Davies: (guitar song) Humanity song
Francis: (poem) I must ring Clem (Heathcote Williams)
Jack: (poem) I'm proud of you son/(mouth harp tune) Why did I decide to wear jeans?
Matt Sage: King of everything/Give it all away (with Dom on sax)
Ed Pope: from Whale nation (Heathcote Williams)/Never forget your feet (song)
Harriet (double bass), Ally & Rob (guitars): (song) Wine don't go cold (Julie Dawid)
Dom James (sax, piano) & Naomi (song): Cry me a river (Arthur Hamilton)
Tara: (song) Running up that hill (Kate Bush)
Phoebe Nicholson: (poem) Arson
Toby & Jen (guitar song): Free & live
Mike England: (poem) Leisure (W H Davies)
Ally: (kids' poems) The big bang
Patti Dale: (poem) Soldiers for the future/(song) The flood (Eilen Jewell)
Jim Driscoll (guitar songs) & Josie Webber (cello): Morning dew/Amongst the new mown hay (Alfred Williams' collection)
Kieran Walsh: (poems by Heathcote Williams) Red dagger/Eating an apple

Thu 13 Jul 2017

Alan Buckley MC, Kathryn on door Add comment

I missed this week (Edwrad Pope) Alan Buckley gave me this list

Ben Champion (guitar song)
Naomi (guitar song)
Dan (guitar song)
Andy (rap)
Laura Theis (piano song)
Tad (ukelele song)
Kate R (song)
Clare Lemaster (guitar song)
Sam (fiction extract)
Simon Davies (guitar song)
Moogieman (guitar song)
Rosie Caldecott (guitar song)
Jack (harmonica)
The Headingtones (11-piece choir)
Pete Salmond (guitar)
Joe M (ukelele song) from US came to Catweazle a few years back
Yakez (trio)
Dominic James (sax) & Pierre Antoine (guitar): My Funny Valentine (Rodgers & Hart)
Angharad (piano)
Patti Dale (song)
Owl Light Trio (Colin guitar, Jane fiddle, Jim concertina)