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Thu 28 Jan 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Will Mason: Scarlet eyes hold on/Winter's gone
Sonny: dedicated to spinach
Via Sanda: Autumn crush
Rosie: On my way (Alex Clare)/Truth be told this love won't last forever
Johnny: Spider poem/The last firework
Ben: (guitar tune of song about a plumber)
Ash: beatbox solo
Jack: Let it shine bright
Matt Sage: Thinking about my baby/Just another moonlight mile (Mick Jagger)
Neo Homeless Man: Homeless man/Claustrophobic love
Raymond Burke: Without love's return/I will fly away
Connor: Skittles at midnight
Amanda Aalto: Somebody to love (Jefferson Airplane)
James: Harry the bastard
Andrew: (guitar tune) Transitions
Raga Woods: Cunt
Matt: Theme tune to Detectorists
Patti Dale: The road ahead/Rose Connolly
Max Brown: Mandy (ashamed but glad of it)/I've not got that going for me (internet dating)

Thu 4 Feb 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Raymond Burke: Tell me who I am, no way else to know
Nicholas (Bekker): (wrote today) Find love
Laura Theis: The ocean is nobody's bitch/Walrus swivel word game
Via Sanda: Coldside/Milano d'Agosto (written by his father at age 20)
Lara Fairylove: The prince, princess and the poo
Matt Sage: The queen (Pablo Neruda)
Neo Homeless Man: Album of my mind
Catherine: I thought it was jam/Opening (mocked by the mosquito bite)
Ash & Rob: (beatbox & rap)
Marta, Maria y Marco: canta y baila
Max Levy: Disappointing end/Drinking water
Rosy: Shades of grey/What use is wings if you can't fly
George: Brad grew a beard
Bill Frizzell: Oxford town (Paul of the Destroyers r.i.p.)/Jollity farm (Bonzos) horses head
Henry Blyth (piano): impro (Ash joined in)
ET: The dawn attack
Amanda Aalto: Indian nights
Lucia: Tired, bloody late/Lightless nights
Patti Dale & Ash: It ain't necessarily so (Gershwin)
Lucy Duggan: Very short stories

Thu 11 Feb 2016

Sam Taplin MC Sophie Phipps on door Add comment

Mary Bateman: Or oh mer wacheen/Boys of Bedlam
Ken Rich: Basingstoke/Amoeba
Heff (from Belfast): On your own/I won't swim back again
Charlie Henry & Barney Morse Brown (cello): Feeling at home in your own bones/You are my sunshine
Moogieman: Summer of 09
Anne Marie: Love me or leave me and let me be lonely
Theo: Jack Cade
Shaun: Hiraeth (longing for Wales)
Ed Pope: Ginger you're barmy
Steve Larkin: Dead poets suck/Addicted
Marta: Story of work song
Oliie: Doing the Lambeth warp ("a collector of note")/Harrow
Toby: All alone (or can they?)/(grief) Andrew
Alan Buckley: Murmansk/The error
Andrew (guitar tune): Snow fall down
Connor: Kiss me Kate
Animal Locomotion: Como Vas/another Spanish song

Thu 18 Feb 2016

Faceometer MC Catherine on door Add comment

Ryan: Don't be ashamed of you/Holy shit
Richard Gipps: Tom Crowther's sonnet/Trying to figure out what you feel (Frank O'Hara)
George (accordion): Bella Ciao
Lucia: Chasing rainbows on a sunny afternoon/The photograph
Jasper: Standup comedian AND child
Ash: (beatboxing)
Faceometer: More like springs heath/The elephant in the room
Amanda Aalto: I can't survive/Come with me (the Devil)
James (of Pipeline): 100 days/Kelly
Henry Blyth: piano impro (Ed & Ash joined in)
Dan: Our mutual friend (Divine Comedy)/The evangelist (Jim Guthrie)
Steve Larkin: Kitten/Life is sweet
Adam: Ganymede/Deapengate
Pete Salmond: (guitar tune) Acetyleolene
Alex: Jenny...
Mose (or Morrick?): Cats in the cradle (Harry Chapin)/If I had a hammer
Bill Frizzell: Good Vibrations (Beach Boys) 50th
Patti Dale: (Maya Angelou)/Do nothing till you hear from me/Coy me arriva
Neo Homeless Man: Wise old man
Ditte Elly (with Rosie Caldecott): Winter

Thu 25 Feb 2016

Sam Taplin MC Sophie Phipps on door Add comment

James Bell: Cuckoo/Pressure
Laura Theis: Insecticide/Imogen
Claire Ewbank: Transparency/Niece
Paul: The sun's high pavilion/We need a small country
Moogieman: Economyof love/Pinhole
Patti Dale: Sadie's singing low/Mary (Patty Griffin)
Simon Davies: Try me/Tomorrow brings love (big fat turtle dove)
Stephen Durkan: A day in the life of modern man
Raymond Burke: Don't waste your time (Prince)/You can't look me in the eye
Technicolor Orgasm (Chris Johnson guitar song, Rosie Caldecott song, Henry Blyth xylophone, Stephanie trumpet): Bird on the wire (Leonard Cohen)
Matt Bradshaw & Daisy Johnson: Shylabaf
Louie (ukelele song): My face
Amanda Aalto: The man of wisdom
George: A choice (pressing a button)/Mis under standing/Slicing bread
Lex (of Memento): Painted words
Richard: The road
Steve Larkin & Stefano: Two (truth will out)/Psycho Juliet
George & (Osan?): Jam in A minor/Another jam
James Gallagher: All these nothings/Intro rumination
Gustavo, Tomas & Nicolas (Oxford latin combo): El condor pasa/Aglarecio murca peromurca (?)

Thu 3 Mar 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Matt Sage: Lovers lane/Gratitude is the same as grace
Mandy Woods: Dachshund/It's wrong (that I'm blue)
Amanda Aalto: (piano tune)/(piano song) I love it when you dress in dark colours
Dan & George: Uncle Ben/Dry stone wall/Jesus nods/Thatcher/Just the ticket/Poetry/Fuck you Mrs Hewitt/Lovely lovely love
James (of Pipeline): Alive without a love/Tapestry
Raymond Burke: I don't feel like dancing/Make my dreams come true
Ash: (piano song) Sleep under my cape of night/(guitar song) In the bleachers
Julian: Oh my darling
Patti Dale: More than you know (Jim Yester)/I can't use nothing (Towns Van Dantz)
Henry Blyth (piano) & Martin (trumpet): improv
Ed Pope: Smoke shovelling song (Robin Williamson)
Ben Champion: Haircut/Hand towel/Light bulbs/Autocorrect

Thu 10 Mar 2016

Matt Sage MC Sophie Phipps on door Add comment

Matt Sage: Will you still stay with me tonight?
Stephen Durkan: Just for me, going out
Thalia: Tell me why/Miss you (?)
Eleanor: Letter land
Paulette: Rain/Crane in moonlight
Trevor Williams: We all get lost along the way/We will wake
Rob (drums & voice): Sally Gardens (W B Yeats)/Copper beech Wadham college
Luke Keegan: There's always someone/Sarah's song
Raymond Burke: Want you to be mine (a cornier line)/Mixed-up boy
Lex (of Memento): Smoking folds of time
Sabelle: Help me (Joni Mitchell)
Eddie: Rose Darling (Steely Dan)
Alan Buckley: Four year old being a steam train/Birches (Robert Frost)
Andrew: (guitar tune) Transience
Amanda Aalto: (My heart grows cold) without you
Monique: Sketches of New York
Henry Blyth & Andrew Freidin: piano & flute impro

Thu 17 Mar 2016

Matt Sage MC Sophie Phipps on door Add comment

Nicole: Homeward bound, despite delays/2 jigs on a flute
Simon Davies: Nurse your heart along/I don't like working for the man
Harry (of Waiting For Smith): Mozart/I wish (you'd go away)
Paul: It's coming in (through the wet and through the wind)
Richard: Time (for Liam) "God doesn't listen to my drunken prayer"
Teresa: Always on 40%/Don't regret a single kiss but I regret tears
Matt Sage: Edgware story/Laudanum girl/Thinking about my baby
Ed Pope: If wishes were horses (Robin Williamson)/Carrickfergus/Devil's dead
Luke Keegan: Little dreamer/Tender shadows
Sharyn Hyde: Beeswing (Richard Thompson)
Crusoe: Heartbroken vagabond on the highway
Henry Blyth (piano): Prelude in C# minor (Rachmaninov)
Lex (of Memento): Dripping to the floor
Andrew Freidin: (flute & stories) Irlandaise/O Danny boy
Pete Salmond: Happy birthday Amanda/ (guitar tune)Nowadays I daydream a a lot

Thu 24 Mar 2016

Matt Sage MC Sophie Phipps on door No bar Add comment

Luke Keegan: First day of my life/Where the lion slept
Amanda Aalto: You are the moon
Mark James: The lost cowboy/The jaguar
Richard Gipps: Elusive (Theo Dorgan)/The lord is my shepherd
Freja: Husband's got no courage in him/Bedlam maid
Protection Spells: Under the hilltop/Shapes in the night
Matt Sage: You are the queen (Pablo Neruda)
Ditte Elly: I am alive there's nothing I can hide/(piano song) I poured my everything into you
Will Mason: (piano song) It's the only way to go
Jasmin, Adam & Alex: Watch over us (The Lone Bellow)/I don't love you but I always will
Pete Salmond (tipsy as applying for job): "sad" guitar tune
Lucian: (TED talk) He prays making worlds from the echoes of his lonesome
Dr Bill Frizzell: Face-making (David Byrne)/No way to slow down (Jethro Tull)
Rollo --Wod: Waiting for an angel (Ben Harper)/Travelling

Thu 31 Mar 2016

Sam Taplin MC Sophie Phipps on door Add comment

Sam's quote from Zola "I am here to live art long"
James Bell: Canadee-i-o ("golden band I gained by the wearing of the blue")/Once in a very blue moon (Nancy Griffith)
four candles for Ronnie Corbett
Henry Blyth: long spiel about talent, piano impro
Jennifer: Baby won't you please come home (Bessie Smith)
Stuart & Tom: Coda (waggons go by)/Arrest "who me?" (Simon Batten)
Carl: Dupitrons- grandad's little finger/These are the hands (day old chicks)
Sam read The guitarist tunes up by Frances Cornford while
Raymond Burke tuned up for: Loneliness
Moogieman: Don't take it back/Diana
Stephen Durkan: Interview question/Hitler/Stalin/Audition
Will Mason & Jake: Just you wait/You are gold (Spandau Ballet)
Ben Champion: Bags for life/Dickheads the musical
Rob (percussion) & Jeremy (fiddle): Addison/Ride your Pewsey pony
Rosie Caldecott: Unity gardener song (but okay how we talk now)
Alan Buckley: Riposte to Joanna Bakewell (Helen Mort)/Looking glass/Pornography
Amanda Aalto: White horse (run through all the closed doors)
Eleanor: Don't want to paint you
Bruce: Sloop John B (Beach Boys) with audience 4 part harmonies
Bill Frizzell: Rapper's delight
Mark: 3 little windows on his daughter in Spain (true story)
Theo: White Lightning girls
The Go Go Six (5 of ...