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Thu 16 Jun 2016

Sam Taplin MC Sophie Phipps on door Add comment

Patti Dale: Poncho & Lefty (Townes van Zandt)/One of those days (Eilen Jewell)
Moogieman: Triax/Ice cream van
Carl (poems): Reintroduction/Hymn to the Downs
Ben Yarman (poems): Queer (Rafael Campo)/Nietzsche
Nida (poems): Autumn/Doorknob eaters
Andrew: guitar tune
Olga Gdula: On the Brexit vote
Neo Homeless Man: Claustrophobic love/Album of my mind
Josh (guitar tunes): Drifting (Andy McKee)/another (but I was drifting)
Ben Champion: (poem) Cunts like bunting/(song) Sueing myself
Bill Frizzell: Ice cream freezer blues (Martin, Bogan & the Armstrongs)
George (poems): Wind farms/Strangers
Hayden (poems): The frog cooks/Labyrinth/Contract
Rip Bulkeley (poems): At his mother's grave snowdrops/Harbury
Paul: May morning/Have no fear I will swim out to you
Richard Gipps & Carol: Speed of the sound of loneliness (John Prine)/At his mother's grave (Rip Bulkeley)
Abby: The sleeping killer
Alex: Lullaby (guitar)/Hay fever (poem)
Nicole: Words
Ed Pope: Farewell to Eileen
Curious Sounds: Washed back out to sea (accordion version, piano version)/Fire on the mountain (Ed Shearan)

Thu 23 Jun 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Will Mason: Some say it's a lifetime lost/Washing machine (it seems you've got a lot going on)
Sherry (from Baltimore): Sunday morning/ son cello, Lizar viola piece
Matt Sage: King of everything/If you want to go slow let me know
Messer: Hollywood Bollywood (written in Kathmandu)
Jackie (from Cumbria): Four love poems for a schizophrenic suicide
Rachel Ruscombe-King: Tread lightly/New daylight
Barney Morse-Brown: This was once our town/ You don't need church, I don't need wine
Richard Gipps: Song (John Clare)/(with Carol) Do I ever cross your mind? (Dolly Parton)
Daniel (from Sweden, for Stop The Traffik): Dusty old guitar/Tomorrow
Elvis: One more kissing
Charlie Henry: ?/(heckle Tourette's) Found your heart in the lost and found
Rob (drum & voice): Dancing with the cat/Nigel Farage being eaten by slugs
Patti Dale: Still I rise (Maya Angelou, Ben Harper)
Scott: China doll
Ed Pope: Love is like coming

Thu 30 Jun 2016

Matt Sage MC Sophie Phipps on door Add comment

Raymond Burke: You're here to stay/Too good to be true
James Gallagher: Annabelle Lee/Lemonhead
Clare Lemaster: The most dangerous thing/Follow the sound
Haydon: It has come to my attention/Clouds/Waterproof mustard/Loaded
Alex (Lezana?): Aurelia & Willow
Matt Sage: "we" rant
Lucy Duggan: Would you like a fork lift truck for that?
Matt Sage: Will you still say with me tonight?
Simon Davies: My samba chanson
Ben Champion: Troubleshoot/Dickheads the musical
Ramsay Licorice: Cheesy little love song/D'you wanna...?
Patti Dale (with James Gallagher): Nothin' (Townes van Zandt)
Mandy Woods: Love me back
Rob Sykes: I'm your enemy in this land
Alex (guitar) & Henry (piano)
Alan Buckley: poem by Don Paterson/Haunt with long proem?
Laura Theis: The future scares me shitless/I want to comfort you

Thu 7 Jul 2016

Sam Taplin MC Catherine on door Add comment

Sam's Picasso story
James Bell: Ragtime melody/Spread a little happiness
Jim Greenham (of Tandorla Mandorla): Won't you name the day?/Arrogance, mendacity, greed
Hartley: Green grass (Tom Waits)/Summertime (Gershwin)/The game to Rigga (?)
Richard Gipps (with Jane Griffiths, Colin Fletcher, Barney Morse-Brown): The wonder that's keeping the stars apart (e.e.cummings)/I am (John Clare)
Rip Bulkeley: Exitus/Shall life embrace (god save the human race)
Ben Champion: Bags for Life/Can't throw rubbish away/Password
Clare Lemaster: That man is a cigarette/Merchants of death/(4 poems) holding my breath I am free/power out perspective/years/never quite
Marcus Corbett: Just in case we get lost
Charlie Henry: Education/Send my love a sweet yellow rose
Bill Frizzell: Cast iron arm (Peanuts Wilson)
Edward Pope: Toulouse blues
Matt Winkworth: Just like the movies/Jabberwocky/We are the bees


Thu 14 Jul 2016

Sam Taplin MC Catherine on door Add comment

Rosie Caldecott: Let's unwind/Inside out (Chris Johnson on guitar)
Wayland: Gwyn and the crock of gold
Layla Tutt: You are most welcome (tumultuous and awkward fondness)
Simon Davies: Community
Patti Dale: Possibilities/Do nothing till you hear from me (Duke Ellington)
Benji Tranter: Hearts & handbags/Launderette song (for the emotionally wounded)
Raymond Burke: Without love's return (a heart can slowly break)
Bill Frizzell (with Raymond Burke on guitar): Apolitical blues (Little Feat)
Tom (with Lincoln & Logan): Want to be seduced
Lincoln & Logan: Almost (I almost forgot you were almost all mine)/Oxford chap
Robot Swans (Matt Bradshaw & Laura Theis): Relish (all my love and all my logic)/Pricks of the trade (I could have broken your heart so much gentler than she did)
Daisy Johnson: (from her book Fen) A bruise the size of a doorhandle
Mary Bateman: The Turkish Revelry & The Golden Vanity
Haydon: Mountain/Loaded
Waterfall: Another story (broken dreams piling up like litter on the street)
Victor: Brexitus
Rachel Ruscombe-King: (Vivid EP launch) with Trevor Williams (piano) James Schumann (flute & cahon) ? (clarinet) ? (bass) Ode to Richard Parker/Tread lightly/ Zoby's song/New daylight/Beacon

Thu 21 Jul 2016

Matt Sage MC Cassie on door Add comment

Rosie Caldecott: Unwind
Jem: I want to see how you look
Luke: Fare thee well my honey (Dink's song)
ET: Retail exasperation
Wayland: Shag dog of Birstall
Richard Gipps: Lady Franklin's lament
Clara & Walter: ?Finar fryadelu slip shlep?/Dogs are coming hold your horses
Alex: We saw her last by the bindweed
Sarah: Beware of the mind it's always there sometimes
Chris: A child is a revolutionary/Soft earth black glove (blood)/Hat suicide
Megan Henwood: Fate is a fable, cards on your chest/Think I'll move to...
Ben Champion: Sueing myself/A little bit OCD
Rowan: guitar rap
Ditte Elly: I wish I could have been there too/I pour my everything
Johnny: announcement this Sat 7.30 here
Owen Collins: Madness/Sigmund Freud Pink Floyd
Henry Blyth: piano impro (black keys mostly)
Ed Pope: The silence is a rushing stream
Clare Lemaster: Follow the sand
Laura Theis: (with Ditte Elly) Save us from the darkness
Faceometer: Elephant in the room/Porcupine yet

Thu 28 Jul 2016

Matt Sage MC Cassie on door Add comment

Moogieman: Pomegranate/Cold cucumber soup
Rosie: guitar tune/How did it come to be? &c
Will Mason: Take another part of me/Ordinary days
Tim: piano tune (strong chunky chords, anthemic)
Owen Collins: London girl/We're in your car
Raymond Burke: Never fall in love (heart of stone)/(faces) like the sand on the sea shore
Charlie Henry & Barney Morse Brown: Cygne (Saint Saens) Charlie on saw/Lost & found
Matt Sage: That's when you begin/Don't let the world go by
Walter & Clara: Pakta (Lebanon/Syria)
Jen & Toby: I feel li(ght) (ke) (fe)
Phoenix: Commit yourself to me/How does it feel?
Steve Larkin: Incubator/Clown
Luke & Abby: Long journey home
ET: A stamp in time/When you walk away don't think of me
Simon Batten: (piano) Ultramarine/I drive away
Dan: Them and uz (Tony Harrison poem)
Rob Sykes: The debt to music/Cowley road dawn ditty/What did you do in the brand wars daddy?
Owl Light Trio (Jim Penny accordion, Jane Griffiths fiddle, Colin Fletcher guitar): Coming home/Two sorcerers/Trip to Pakistan

Thu 4 Aug 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Rosie: What is there to know (Kings of Convenience)/The vegan song (Aspire swimming fundraiser)
James: Annabelle Lee/Wide-eyed like violet on the sun
Matt Sage: Strange news from another star/Song for Sam
Olga Gdula: Zombie preparedness plan
Justin (accordion): Fleetwood Mac tune/Old russian tune/If you close the door (Lou Reed)
Sam Taplin: Dr Taplin & Mr Hyde/Superman
Raymond Burke: There'll come a time when you cannot cry/Let's cry on each other's shoulder
Alexander Matthew: Captain's apprentice
Ben: Mashkenadu
Pete Salmond: guitar tune (Will's Song)
Owen Collins: Nationalise the Swans/N9
Henry Blyth: piano impro
Alan Buckley: Found (serial killer)/Dovey junction
Edwrad Pope: I have a wound/Worm's funeral

Thu 11 Aug 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Raymond Burke: Care you weep for
Paul Jackson (sitsar song): My most true mind
Elvis: In your arms
Rosie Caldecott (with Alice & Chris): Unwind/In my life (Beatles)
Olga Gdula: President Vincent
Crusoe: Island life
Justin: Tactful cacti (David Bowie)
Simon Davies: Feel so blue and grey
Rumbledore's Revenge: Shake it up (Taylor Swift)
Matt Sage strummed us in
Decovo: feels like home (long to tell our story)
Jen: Paper aeroplane/When you're gone
Carl: Curing/Punting/Mercedes-Benz
Clare Ewbank: Walking in the city with bare feet/Pick up paintbrushes
Nicol: Pulcissima mai (whistling)
Moogieman: Cold Star/Messing about in boats
Josephine: A case of you (Joni Mitchell)
Victor: This is a GREAT pome/Great britain
Eleanor: Blue poem let you go
Matt Sage: Still the machine/Norwegian wood (Beatles)
Tom Blackburn: Sailing off to Yankee land/ (piano) You've got a friend in me (Randy Newman)

Thu 18 Aug 2016

Matt Sage MC Sophie Phipps on door Add comment

Clara (with Henry on piano): Paralysis (Burma)/Miserable self-denial
Will Mason: Washing machine/Don't forget to leave me no more
Phoenix: The cross (Prince)
Dan (piano): Moments "that was a fail"
Femi: Pan-african/We's a label
Phoebe Rose (with her dad Jeff): I don't love you any more/Blood sweat tears
Andy: The borderline/ Hi hello (London)
Owen: I am not okay/St Aldates
Cross Roots: New Orleans mojo/Let the good times roll
Leon: Just one night
Andy: (rap) cover
Matt Sage: Laudanum girl/Don't let the world go by
Richard Gipps: La Belle Dame sans Merci (John Keats)/Song (John Clare)
Patti Dale: Chrysalis (baton rouge?)/ I've got it bad (Duke Ellington)
Adam Barley: Down in the coal mine
May: (piano) The door
Alan Buckley: Hot plates/Christmas
Megan & Jo Henwood: Cows come home/Get to know me as I am
Henry Blyth (piano) & Tony Hinkes (dance): impro