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Thu 7 Dec 2017

Steve Larkin MC Kathryn on door Add comment

Rory Skyster (songs): Where the blundering cannons roar/As I roved out (broken shells)/Deep blue sea Willy
G-Luv(guitar songs): Appreciate me/Ghetto story
Steve Larkin (poems): System malfunction/Midas touch in reverse
Rochelle (guitar songs): Captive free/Kingdom of heaven
Steve Larkin (poem): NatWest service card
Frances Salter (piano songs): The point of it all (Amanda Palmer)/On being sane in insane places
Owen Collins (poems): Articulate/General Harrison's mathematical garrison/Thirteenth day of Christmas
Steve Larkin (poem): I'm sorry I love you
Chris Wood (poems): Gangster/Looking for girls up west/The lover's mark
Steve Larkin (mandola song): Clown
Ben Champion (piano songs): Compensation/Hotel dilemmas/Password

Thu 14 Dec 2017

Matt Sage MC Kathryn on door Add comment

Pete Joshua (guitar songs): I am Christmastime/You never can tell
May: (guitar song) Light in dark/(piano song) She's free
Emma Jones (poems): For an unknown migrant/On our proud history of welcoming strangers/another England
G-Luv (guitar song): Happy Christmas day
Raymond Burke (guitar songs): Once I wrote my love a song/Be happy one with one
Chris Woods (poem): The mountain men marched on ahead (that's the value of confidence)
Poppy Smallwood (guitar songs): Marianne? (Ned Roberts)/Falling for Helen
Matt Sage (guitar songs): (Never gonna) let her go/I trained a spy
Dom James (sax & piano song): Isn't she lovely (Stevie Wonder)
Dom James (piano) & Poppy Smallwood (song): All of me (Gerald Marks & Seymour Simons)
Raga Woods: Sheela-na-gig hallelujah
Johnny (guitar songs): Home is where the hatred is (Gill Scott-Heron)/The wind cries Mary (Jimi Hendrix)
Moogieman (keyboard song): Saint John
Rip Bulkeley (poems): Unhealed/A personal preface (Grenfell Tower)
Patti Dale (song): ? (Jean Ritchie)
Yohannes (poems): The reef/Less light
Angharad (piano): a concert piece/another

Thu 21 Dec 2017

Matt Sage MC, Kathryn on door Add comment

Raymond Burke (guitar songs) & Mandy Woods (harmonica): Go away without a word/When you gonna find your way back home
Mandy Woods (guitar song) & Dom James (sax): Distinctly blue
Laura (guitar song) & Jack (harmonic song): New born king
Simon (poems): Armed police for breakfast/Goodwill to all
Owen Collins (poems) & Pete Salmon (guitar): Christmas at the greasy spoon/Sunlight
Chris (guitar songs) & Jim (guitar) & Jason (double bass): Wintertime has come/B S blues/Take this stone
Poppy Smallwood (guitar song): Winter (in Russian)
Lord Toad (poems): Shard tears of ice and fire/A drop of pure crystal
Matt Sage (guitar song) & Dom James (sax, piano): You are so beautiful (Biily Preston, Dennis Wilson)
Cath Brown: Uprooted (tree story)
Simon Davies (songs) & Dom James (piano): Night and day (Cole Porter)/There will never be another you (Harry Warren & Mack Gordon)
Chris Woods (poem) & Moogieman (synthesiser?): Christmas famine
Caspar (guitar song): Gymnopedia
Patti Dale (song) & Mandy Woods (harmonica): St James Infirmary blues
Alan Buckley (poem): The morphine driver
Bill Frizzell (words & percussion) Dom James (piano) & Ed Pope (ex-ukelele): What's he building in there? (Tom Waits)
Ed Pope (piano song): Gay weddings

Thu 4 Jan 2018

Matt Sage MC Kathryn on door Add comment

Mandy Woods (guitar songs) & Harry Brezinski (pedal steel): Just bad timing/Tangled locks & matted hair/Don't wanna run
G-Luv (piano song): Bedrock
Raymond Burke (guitar songs): Billy McKenzie (about BM of the Associates)/I will fly away (trad)/If I ever got back to someone
Patti Dale: (poem) The physics of world peace/I've got it bad (Duke Ellington/Paul Francis Webster)
Sam (poem): Silver halides
Pedro (fado guitar songs): Impossible sea/March of the Moredia (?)
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Now the war is over/Give it all away/I've named you the queen (Pablo Neruda)
Genie Sparks (clown dance story): Jack & the beanstalk (see photo 3 of Cover Photos on The Catweazle Club Facebook page)
(no interval)

Thu 11 Jan 2018

Matt Sage MC Kathryn on door Add comment

Simon Davies (guitar songs): Cupid's got a gun/Easy come easy go
Ben (guitar songs): The wine song (Cat Empire)/Come out to play (UB40)
G-Luv (piano song): Bedrock
Miranda (guitar songs): We couldn't have known/Will you follow me there if I ask you to come?
Wayland (story): Loki and the giant
Patti Dale (song): High shelf booze (Eilen Jewel)
Stephen Durkan (poem): unrequited love Nothing
Dom Faber (piano) & Hester (song): Easy to love (Cole Porter)
Andrew Smith (guitar songs): Me first/Rockpool
Chris Woods (poems): Six Ps/I was looking for a job and then I found a job/ Coming back home/Christmas haiku
Matt Sage (guitar songs) & Joel (drums): Laudanum girl/Dreaming about my baby
Owen Collins (poems): Nationalise the swans/Unmade
Holy Fools - Chris (guitar songs), Jim (guitar) & Jason (double bass): Down Cana way/I can't remember anything we said/Jasmine quarter/Lose myself/Light of the crown/Testament

Thu 18 Jan 2018

Faceometer MC Kathryn on door Add comment

Andy (guitar song): A life that's good
G Luv (piano song): Magic wand
Henry Blyth (piano): impro
Carl (poems): Cock of the midden/ Wordless
Laura Theis (q-chord song): When you're gone (Cranberries)/(piano song) Masochistic time machine
Phoebe Nicholson (poems): Methuselah/Escapement
Chris Woods (poems): Starting to shave/Letting the girlfriend down again by failing to live up to her unrealistic expectations
Faceometer (guitar songs): Woodsmoke/Summerhouse
Hester (songs) & Poppy Smallwood (guitar songs): I will fly away (trad)/Mykonos (Fleet Foxes)
Ditte Elly (piano song): Easy
Jack: (song) The January man (Dave Goulder)/ blues harp impro
Owen Collins (poems): Tallin unrequited love scrambled eggs/Bread and more at St George's Hall
Rosie Caldecott (poems by Moyra Caldecott): Drifting/Looking at a tree/Piapiac/(guitar song) If we made an effort in the fall
Patti Dale (song) & Faceometer (guitar song): Leopold Alcocks (Jake Thackeray)
Simon (poem): Not safe for work
Leroy Stagger (guitar songs): I want it all/Love versus/Searchlight/There is beauty in this world

Thu 25 Jan 2018

Matt Sage MC, Kathryn on door Add comment

Rory Skyster (songs): Sally free and easy (trad)/Dark-eyed sailor (trad)
Will Mason: (guitar song) The winter's gone/(piano song) It's the only way
Chris Woods (poem): Shopping for love
Johnny (poems): I have problems/Truth and fiction
Amber (from Nashville) (guitar songs): Rose colored lens eyes/Hop your train
Matt Sage (guitar song) & Ed Pope (song): Speed bump & bushy whiskers/bicycle/potato/Blackpool/Lithuania (Bob Cockburn)
Dervla (poems): Eleven/Put out to sea
Stephen Durkan: (poem) To a mouse (Robbie Burns)/(guitar song) Wild mountain thyme (Robert Tannahill?)
Ed Pope: (poem) The wind's twelve quarters (A.E.Housman)/(balalaika song) Love is like comingAndrew (guitar song): Lady midnight (Leonard Cohen)
Jack (song): Concrete (Manchoir)
Sam (poem): St Kilda (?) road Melbourne
Bill Frizzell (song): Eat yourself fitter (Mark E Smith)
Rob (from Tasmania)(guitar songs): I want to feel the sweat on your palm/I'm sure you know how this one goes
Julian (poems): Am I the only failure here?/Mothers/Perspectives
Alan Buckley (poem): Rain (Don Paterson)
Patti Dale: (poem) Transformation/(song) Buttermilk moon
Andrew Smith (guitar songs): Every quarter of the compass/Me first

Thu 1 Feb 2018

Sam Taplin MC Kathryn on door Add comment

Patti Dale (songs): Do nothing till you hear from me (Duke Ellington)/One of those days (Eilen Jewel)
Stephen Durkan: (poem) Call centre
Limpet Spacerace (Jakes? & Nico)(guitar songs): Signblind/for a deported friend
Yohannes (poems): Between two points/I found a pill box
Henry Blyth: piano impro
Via Sanda (guitar song): In you in me
Raymond Burke (guitar song): Please make my dreams come true
Rory Skyster (trad songs): Haul away Jo/The false hearted knight
Rick Wade (guitar songs): Witch/A beard don't make you a man (John Cathen?)
Luke Keegan (guitar songs): Winter tree/Little dreamer
Jack: 2 harmonica impros
Bill Frizzell (ukelele song): Midnight rider (Greg Allman)
Andy: (guitar song) Cello song (Nick Drake)/piano impro
Andrew (guitar songs): Butchers crossing/Don't know how I could leave you
Frances Salter (piano songs): On being sane in insane places/Background music
Chris Woods (poems): The unexpected philosopher/Dave and the shed/One night stand
Hester (song) & Poppy Smallwood (guitar songs): Kiss me mother/ Lanterns (Finley McArthur?)

Thu 8 Feb 2018

Sam Taplin MC Kathryn on door Add comment

Andrew Smith (guitar songs): The call/Rock pools/Me first
Sam Taplin (story): Badger's happy feeling
Chris Woods (poem): The chemistry of love
Christof (song) & Ulrike (piano): Winterrreise (Schubert)
Ulrike (piano): Ist prelude in C major (J S Bach)
Rick Wade (guitar songs): Quattro/Cornish pirates
Henry Blyth (piano impro)
Matt Bradshaw (guitar songs): Darkness is cheap/Mirror of nothing
Dom Faber (sax, piano): The way you look tonight (Dorothy Fields/Jerome Kern)/East of the sun (Brooks Bowman)
Sophie (dance) & Maria (song):
Steve Larkin (poems): I hate poetry please/Otherfucker
Ed Pope (songs): Where does it lead (Gloria Gwen Davis)/The red flag (Jim Connell)
Rebecca Vince (poems): When I say I miss you this is what I mean/A cacophony of coffee/My father
Alan Buckley (poems): Proof of the soul (Luke Kennard)/The railway children
Jasmine (piano song): I'm sorry for making you cry
Sam Taplin (piano songs): Sea captain's chest/Mrs Henderson's tiger
Luke Keegan: (guitar song) Where your river wants to flow/(piano song) Quiet life/(guitar song) Down to the river

Thu 15 Feb 2018

Sam TaplinMC Justine on door Add comment

Best of Fools (Rory Skyster guitar songs & Sam fiddle songs): Lowlands away (trad)/Come on up (Harriet Tubman's underground railroad)
Stephen Durkan (poems): Getting mad with it/I sang and they heard and nothing happened so I jumped
James (guitar songs): 8 circle (Bon Iver)/Omission (John Frusciante)
G-Luv (piano songs): Making love/Magic wand
Tishari (poems): Fat hunters/Lost direction
Alex Lezano (guitar songs): Where you going Eddy?/I feel love (Donna Summer)
Dom Faber (sax piano song): The nearness of you (Hoagy Carmichael/Ned Washington)/Blackbird (Paul Macartney)
May (piano songs): Somebody sometimes/She dances to the rhythm of the moon
Paul Jackson (guitar songs): Not what you deserve/You showed me love
Lewis (poems): Normal people don't write love songs/Black sails
Patti Dale (songs)& Nigel (guitar): Lost dog (Sara Jarosz)/I wanna come home (Leslie Arden)
Julian (poems): Jagged rolling hills left behind/Losing my local tongue/Dance in delirium
Henry Blyth (piano impro): Angel of the north
Hester (song): Your baby has gone down the plughole (anon)
Alan Buckley (poems): Oxford Times headlines/Artist's impressions
Bola: Am I wrong?/(piano song) A bowl of rice
Sam Twigg Johnson (quattro songs): Maple seed/don't forget to live before you die